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Sergio Crivelli expands the production of fresh, artisanal Italian pasta to restaurants, hotels and gourmet spaces

The project starts first in Greater Porto, with 20 different pasta formats, including gluten-free varieties.

A true Italian gastronomic experience. Anyone who is used to going to Sergio Crivelli – Ristorante Italiano, in Matosinhos, knows well the care that the chef who gives the space its name puts into the genuineness and quality of the products, ingredients and culinary preparation. Features that Sergio Crivelli will now make available to other restaurants, hotels and gourmet establishments, through the provision – upon request – of a variety of 20 formats of fresh handcrafted Italian pasta and, equally, ravioli, produced on the workbench in the kitchen and laboratory 705 Rua de Brito Capelo.

We say laboratory because the new project of the well-known transalpine chef, who has lived in Portugal for decades, will also include the sale of gluten-free pastes, which are made in a separate room (so that there is no chance of contamination of food intended for celiac patients by this protein) and which even deserve certification from the Portuguese Celiac Association.

The sale of fresh artisanal Italian pasta to the professional channel will start, in this first phase, only to potential customers in Greater Porto. But the idea is to add new geographic areas, little by little, from north to south.

“We are known for the authentic flavour that comes from our kitchen, which is why we now deserve the Marchio Ospitalità Italiana seal [certification promoted by the National Institute of Tourism Research and the Italian Chambers of Commerce, which aims to support authentic Made in Italy around the world]. After having started to sell artisanal dry pasta, produced and packaged by us, to the general public, this new step expands the service we provide and we are convinced that it could make a difference in other professional kitchens”, adds Sergio Crivelli, a great promoter of the cuisine. Italian in our country and a regular presence at specialized events.

Sergio Crivelli – Ristorante Italiano, which is part of TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice program, where only 10% of the best restaurants in the world are located, has a very complete menu and serves everything from pasta to pizzas, without forgetting meat dishes, risottos, the salads and desserts, faithful to the transalpine heritage.

The space also stands out for its 100% gluten-free menu, thinking about those with this type of intolerance, attention that chef Sergio Crivelli has made a vocation and which has placed the restaurant’s name as a reference in many speciality itineraries.

The restaurant also follows the cycle of the seasons and some of the gastronomic suggestions it presents to customers daily are based on an organic garden that Sergio Crivelli himself cultivates, to further increase the quantity of fresh products, of controlled origin, that he uses on his counter. of work.

About Chef Sergio Crivelli:

Born in Spoleto, recognized worldwide as a gastronomic centre, he lived in Assisi, passing through several Italian cities, such as Terni, Milan and Rome. International tour in Lausanne (Switzerland), Munich (Germany), London (England) and Lisbon, among other short stays throughout Europe. Tradition and ambition for entrepreneurship have always led him to great challenges, such as being trained in the world of cuisine, in the best hotels in major European cities and, thus, learning and developing his art with the best chefs in the area. , mainly Italian cuisine. His grandmother was passionate about cooking pure with flavour, and she developed delicious recipes with truffles, which makes Chef Sergio Crivelli passionate about mushrooms and one of the greatest experts in the country.

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