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The 1st day of the rest of our lives. Rock City is back!

The City of Rock lit up with smiles, having received 74 thousand people.

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After a four-year break, Rock in Rio-Lisboa kicked off this Saturday, June 18, at Parque da Bela Vista, with a special edition that marks the reunion of music and live entertainment.

The excitement continues today, June 19th, with the Black Eyed Peas party kings Ellie Goulding, the electrifying Ivete Sangalo and David Carreira stepping onto the Mundo Stage. Other names like Toy, Iza, Bárbara Tinoco, 9 Miller and Jovem Dionísio also complete the lineup for the second day of Rock in Rio Lisboa, which will be unforgettable. Ljubomir Stanisic, responsible for Chef’s Stage, the stage of the famous Continente Chef’s Garden, invites João Manzarra to take the stage today to moderate a conversation about the (AB)USO da Terra, where the various agricultural production practices are discussed.

Rock in Rio – Dia 18 ©Margarida Rodrigues – ineews < 2021.06.18

In this edition, with 18 entertainment spaces, including seven stages, all spaces promise to continue to make a splash on this second day, creating memorable moments among the inhabitants of the City of Rock.

On a day marked by the strong emotions of those who waited anxiously for the live music, O Mundo Foi, finally, Nosso Outra Vez. On the first day of the 9th edition, Palco Mundo dominated the attention to the sound of the British Muse – who closed the concert to the sound of Knights of Cydonia and a fireworks show – Liam Gallagher, The National and the Portuguese Xutos e Pontapés who was responsible for marking this reunion of the public with the grandeur of the Mundo Stage.

This year, because it is imperative to celebrate, more than ever, peace, hope and joy, the first day of Rock in Rio Lisboa was marked by a moment of unique symbolism. Simone de Oliveira, one of the living legends of Portuguese music, took to the Mundo Stage to remember the importance of union. “Give peace a chance” was the appeal made by the voice of the City of Rock (Simone de Oliveira) to the more than 70 thousand people who attended the venue and to all those who followed from home. After a speech full of symbolism, Simone de Oliveira, Xutos e Pontapés, Selma Uamusse, Titica, chef Vitor Sobral, chef Noélia Jerónimo, chef Justa Nobre, chef Miguel Castro e Silva, Mariana Alvim, Pedro Fernandes, Luís Franco Bastos, Lili Caneças, Roberta Medina and several members of the festival team joined on stage for a minute the City of Rock, with the clearing of Bela Vista Park waving white scarves.

Rock in Rio – Dia 18 ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2021.06.18

In Galp Music Valley, great Portuguese, Spanish and Brazilian rock bands raised the audience to the sound of their guitars and filled the valley of Parque da Bela Vista; During breaks, DJs from Somersby Pool Parties livened up the afternoon in the coolest space in the City of Rock. At Rock Your Street, to the sound of Jupiter & Okwess, Bombino and Sara Correia, the rhythms were marked by the plurality of the great names of World Music.

The magical universe of video games was also back at Parque da Bela Vista with Game Square, where thousands of lovers of this industry, unavoidable in the world of entertainment, passed through.

Rock in Rio – Dia 18 ©Margarida Rodrigues – ineews < 2021.06.18

After a successful debut in 2018, the Super Bock Digital Stage returned full of news and unpublished content, mirroring the evolution of the online world and the new challenges of a digitized world. Among TikTokers, YouTubers, Humorists, Podcasts and Interactive Concerts and much more, on this first day, Os Primos, Gilmário Vemba and Miguel Magalhães and Mariana Guerra were highlighted.

The Yorn Stage brought Chelas – the region that has hosted the festival since 2004 – closer to the rest of the city, demystifying stereotypes and prejudices through the curatorship of Associação Chelas é o Sítio, a project led by artist Sam the Kid related to the country’s neighborhoods. Vado was one of the featured artists, whose performances were interspersed with dance performances, curated by Jazzy Dance Studios.

Rock in Rio – Dia 18 ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2021.06.18

For the first time in this edition, at Continente Chef’s Garden, the Sustainable Food flag was raised, reinforcing the commitment against food waste. On stage (Chef’s Stage) Ljubomir Stanisic welcomed Carlos Moedas, Mayor of Lisbon, Armindo Jacinto, Mayor of Idanha-a-Nova and comedian Bruno Nogueira to discuss “How to Cook the Regeneration of the Planet”. On this stage, doses of entertainment were served (and locusts!), seedcoins were distributed and concerts, showcookings and DJ sets were attended.

The Family tour was also a huge success among kids and adults, who were able to explore the venue together, in a playful and fun way.

The festival continues next weekend, June 25th and 26th, with names like Duran Duran, Anita and Post Malone animating the Bela Vista Park.


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