The amazing Sérgio Godinho at “Noites F” in Faro

The artist Sérgio Godinho gave an incredible concert yesterday at F Nights in Faro

Between the opening night, with Diogo Piçarra, and the closing night, with Miguel Araújo, there is humor with César Mourão, Herman José and Salvador Martinha; magic with Luís de Matos; and lots of music: from the pops of Aurea, Agir, D.A.M.A and Fernando Daniel, to the heavy metal of the Moonspell or the hip-hop of Piruka, passing by the special shows, in duet, by Tiago Nacarato & Bárbara Tinoco and Carolina Deslandes & Jimmy P, until the concerts of António Zambujo, Os Quatro e Meia, Pedro Abrunhosa, Sérgio Godinho, The Black Mamba and Xutos & Pontapés, these 20 shows celebrate the reunion between the public and the artists, with their eyes set on the F of Future.

Sérgio Godinho returned to Festival F to continue celebrating his 75th birthday, which was on August 31, in a concert full of successes with Nuno Rafael, Miguel Fevereiro, João Cardoso, Nuno Espírito Santo and Sérgio Nascimento on stage.

Sérgio Godinho was born in Porto, in 1945, and is considered one of the renovators of Portuguese music for the past 50 years. He studied psychology in Geneva for two years, is also a theater actor, and began to practice writing songs in the late 1960s, with his first album, “Os Sobreviventes”, from 1971, followed by another 30 edited, the last being “Nação Valente”, from 2018.

Nação Valente” brought us back to the comfort and restlessness that Sérgio Godinho has provided us throughout his career. But it still transports us to poetic and musical territories in some way unheard of in the singer’s work.

Despite being known mainly for music, Sérgio Godinho has channeled creative writing into other genres, such as theater, screenplay, children’s fiction, poetry and short stories, in titles such as “O Pequeno Livro dos Medos”, “O Sangue por Um Fio” e “Vida Dupla”.

The concert on the 31st of August to celebrate 75 years at the Maria Matos Theater in Lisbon marked, after months of absence, the return of Sérgio to the stages, the place where he really feels at home. Now it was the turn of the Algarve to welcome the artist again for an unforgettable concert at “Noites F“.

Sergio Godinho at Festival F – Noites F © Carolina Costa – Portugalinews

The concert, which started at around 10 pm, celebrated Sérgio Godinho‘s career with songs that we all know by heart and skips and with more recent songs such as “Primeiro Dia”, “Com Um Brilhozinho Nos Olhos”, “O Velho Samurai”, “Cuidado com as Imitações”, “Bem vindo Sr. Presidente” “Mariana Pais, 21 Anos”, “Dancemos no mundo”, “Grão Da Mesma Mó”, “Às Vezes o amor”, e “O Novo Normal” music that he wrote and launched during the quarantine.

On stage, Sérgio Godinho was accompanied, as usual, by Nuno Rafael on guitars, percussion, choirs and musical direction, Miguel Fevereiro on guitars, percussion and choirs, João Cardoso on keyboard and chorus, Nuno Espírito Santo on electric bass and percussion, and Sérgio Nascimento on drums and percussion, and there was an empty chair dedicated to José Mário Branco, a great artist and a great friend of Sérgio’s, who died in November 2019.

Festival F is not over yet, today is the turn of Carolina Deslandes & Jimmy P, followed by Luís de Matos and António Zambujo, and, in the last week, it will be the turn of Salvador Martinha, Tiago Nacarato & Bárbara Tinoco, Piruka and Miguel Araújo to take the stage.

On ‘Noites F’, the 20 shows that symbolically celebrate Festival F are taking place at Largo da Sé, which traditionally hosts the Sé Stage, while the remaining stages and spaces of the festival (Quintalão, Museum, Ria, Fábrica, Formosa, Sé cloisters, among others) are waiting for 2021 to start receiving music, fine arts, workshops, new circus, theater, humor, and gatherings, in a rich and diversified program that has continued to grow over 6 editions.

The ‘Noites F’ seek to help to keep the spirit of Festival F alive, at a time when artists and the Portuguese most need culture and entertainment to face the challenges brought by the pandemic positively and with hope. ‘Noites F’ is an initiative of the Municipality of Faro, the Municipal Theater of Faro, S.M., Ambifaro, and the producer Sons em Trânsito.


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