The Art of the New Circus at Casino Lisboa

With a cast of world-class performers, Novo Circo shows continue to offer Casino Lisboa visitors unique moments.

In December, Arena Lounge welcomes, on the 6th and 7th, Miguel Tira-Picos and Bruno Rosa who propose an original exercise. On the 13th and 14th, it will be João Godinho’s turn to present a globe number with fabric, while on the 20th and 21st, Jocka Carvalho proposes a star exercise. Later, on 27 and 28 December, Miguel Tira-Picos and Mónica Alves will be in evidence in combined forces. Admission is free.

Miguel Tira-Picos and Bruno Rosa: Drop – 6th and 7th December
There is no philosophical discourse and the scant descriptions are always dense in meaning. But everything here is fascination, music, abstract and powerful sensuality. Everything is done with the heart, and hatred is an insult to good manners. A number of reasons why love and eroticism do not fall into decay. Miguel and Bruno meet again at the Casino Lisboa Arena Lounge to take us to another dimension where the risk of lightness, strength, flexibility and mutual feeling of love for art come together to provide you with a circus moment. SINGLE.

João Godinho: Globe with Fabric – 13th and 14th December
Joao Godinho, a former athlete of high acrobatic competition features a number of vertical pins, contortion and dance, where he defies all gravity in a golden globe full of magic.

Jocka Carvalho: Star – December 20th and 21st
Where are the limits of self? How far can I go through the imagination?
These are the demands of the soul of Jocka, a young man who defines himself by searching for his place of expression and who has traveled many artistic and sporting airs, having been a high competition athlete, dancer, circus artist, choreographer.
Intensely developing her talents in circus arts and dance, she has performed on major world stages. He is currently touring with Acts Circenses, a perfect fusion of circus, dance and acting! Jocka World is the Circus… let him be part of yours!

Miguel Tira-Picos and Mónica Alves: Combined Forces – 27th and 28th December
Nothing is impossible here, what you see is bizarre, elegant, different and true. Miguel Tira Picos and Mónica Alves are back at the Arena Lounge and promise a new debut, where acrobatics and movement come together to tell a story!

The Novo Circo program provides unique moments in the animation of Casino Lisboa Arena Lounge:
– Miguel Tira-Picos and Bruno Rosa: Drop – 6th and 7th December
– João Godinho: Globe with Fabric – 13th and 14th December
– Jocka Carvalho: Star – December 20th and 21st
– Miguel Tira-Picos and Mónica Alves: Drop – 27th and 28th December

Access to Casino Lisboa is free, and from 10 pm, it is for over 14 years, and over 10 years accompanied by parents. In the areas of the game is for over 18 years.

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