The Art of the New Circus Featured at Casino Lisboa

With moments of rare aesthetic beauty, the Novo Circo shows are one of the references of Casino Lisboa’s animation program.

In January, Arena Lounge welcomes, on the 3rd and 4th, the Duo Opa in combined forces, followed by Bruno Rosa, on the 10th and 11th, in fabrics. Tiago Figueiredo returns, on the 17th and 18th, in-hand balance and João Godinho presents, on the 24th and 25th, a globe number.

Later, on 31 January and 1 February, the Duo Kru will be in evidence in combined forces. Admission is free.

Duo Opa: Combined Forces – January 3rd and 4th
And who doesn’t miss Rock’n’Roll? This show takes us on a journey through such a well-known style, entertaining with dance and acrobatics and inviting the audience to participate in this dynamic performance.


Bruno Rosa: Fabrics – January 10th and 11th
“Any resemblance to you presented here is pure coincidence. We are angels. We are human. We are love. I hoped that always conditional and not conditions or statutes. I do not need to write objectives but I need a mark in red so that you can feel. #lovealwayswins ”

Tiago Figueiredo: Hand Balance – January 17th and 18th
With an enviable international career in the high competition in acrobatic sports for over 10 years, Tiago Figueiredo has performed at Casino Lisboa Arena Lounge with Duo TJ specializing in Aerial Straps and Hand to Hand. Featuring professional stints at renowned companies such as MSC Cruise Lines and Cirque Dreams as a guest entertainer and national shows such as Casino Estoril and Portugal has a Talent television show, Tiago Figueiredo brings Arena Lounge his new solo creation in Balance / Handbalancing discipline.

João Godinho: Globe – 24th and 25th January
Joao Godinho, a former athlete of high acrobatic competition features a number of vertical pins, contortion and dance, where he defies all gravity in a golden globe full of magic.

Duo Kru: Combined Forces – January 31st and February 1st
Duo Kru is two former high competition gymnasts. Leonor and Tiago combine the musicality of the forms in a performance that recreates the daily life of two strangers who meet for the first time and develop a game of seduction and repulsion, of interest and reflection, in a choreography based on acrobatic moments that arise from a body discussion. where the need for both to fight for an individual statement exists.

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