The Black Mamba new record ‘The Mamba King’

“The Mamba King,” the third album by the Portuguese The Black Mamba, with the same vibe, old school, blues and soul from previous works, but with ” , is published on October 19.

According to the singer and guitarist of The Black Mamba, Pedro Tatanka, in the creation of the successor of Dirty Little Brother (2014) and of The Black Mamba (2012), the band tried to “modernize a little “.

“One thing that breaks a little bit with what we did on the past records is the aesthetics we are using at the production level. We have tried to modernize a little bit using our ‘vibe’, which is kind of old school, blues’, 70’s, 60’s, and cover it with a more contemporary outfit, “he explained.

For Pedro Tatanka, this is “the great news” that accompanies the band, and knows the first two albums, will find when listening to the new album.

In relation to the themes addressed in the letters, there are “some similarities”. “Apart from one song or another, like ‘Believe’, which has some social conscience, the texts and lyrics are based on the same things, in Love,” he said.

Although only being edited now, ‘The Mamba King’ began to be worked four years ago, hardly ‘Dirty Little Brother’ was ready.

“After we released the other album in 2014, we started working quickly, but in a rather slow process,” he said, revealing that some of the nine songs that make up the new album have been playing live since 2016.

For the musician “it’s always good” to test the songs live, go “improving”, when the band enters the studio “to have a more concrete idea of ​​what can do with the songs.”

In this album, unlike the previous two, the themes are all sung in English. “We had, in the first two albums, songs completely in Portuguese, that we continue to play live, we like to pay tribute to our language. In this one we do not have, and it is a little bit about my solo career, I’m going to leave the Portuguese for a solo career, “he said.

Another thing that has changed in relation to the previous album, is that in this The Black Mamba are a duet and not a trio. In addition to Pedro Tatanka, the band has Miguel Casais on drums. “But we do not consider ourselves only two, in fact we are about 15,” said the musician, reminding the various “friends and collaborators” that accompany them live and recordings.

Earlier this year, they filled the Coliseum in Lisbon and Porto.



“It was like crazy, we sent them to the coliseums, having us the size we had to date. Having the coliseus filled was really a big statement for the band, a very big statement for us and also the public with us being a band that is not really ‘mainstream’, but it’s also not an alternative, “he said.

As for a possible return to the Coliseus, Pedro Tatanka recalls that “nobody knows what comes next.”

“I do not know if it’s premature to say we’re going to do it, but it’s a will we have, probably by the end of next year,” he said.

The Mamba King tour is scheduled for the summer of next year, but in the meantime the band plans to perform live at one-night concerts.

And what can you expect from a Black Mamba concert? “It’s kind of difficult to evaluate what we do, but if I can get a little outside and look, imagine myself watching a concert, we take great care with the musical part, with the contents that we go through, with what we we want to spend, and usually our concert is very well arranged, very well worked, is musically very strong, “he said.

In addition, it is “very intense, emotionally level and quite honest.” “Everyone who is part of it has a great passion, not only for the song, but also for the project itself, for the songs,” he said.

This “honesty and great passion” that the band goes live is, for its vocalist, the “strong point” of the project. “And I think that’s what many people who pick us up at those parties and festivals where people are not there to see you. I think we’ve been able to keep many people loyal with this dedication, with this dedication and with this devotion that we have, both with the public and with the music, “he finished.


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