The Black Mamba take “Good Times Tour” to Estoril Casino

Considered one of the most energetic and exciting Portuguese bands, The Black Mamba will debut, on 10th January, at 10 pm, at the Black and Silver Salon of Casino Estoril.

Completing 10 years of career, The Black Mamba presents the “Good Times Tour”, promising to relive their early artistic career.

The Black Mamba has already become a reference in Portuguese music. In “Good Times Tour”, they will, as in the beginning, perform in trio and focus on the themes that made up the alignment of their first concerts, with originals and versions that they usually interpreted at the time of their formation. An authentic (and unmissable) return to the origins!

It is recalled that Pedro Tatanka Ciro Cruz and Miguel Casais started in 2010 a new musical project. “The Black Mamba” which baptizes the trio and debut album, was the inspiration found to jointly prove their own “poison”.

The chemistry and experience of these great musicians allowed them to navigate the blues, soul and funk universe in an adaptation to their natural habitat.

The Portuguese public was consensual and immediate in recognizing and supporting this work: 1st place selling iTunes, the first edition of the album sold out in stores, airplay on the radios, the presence of north to south of the country in various theaters and Relief festivals.

In 2014, The Black Mamba released their second original album. “Dirty Little Brother” was produced between Lisbon and New York and was immediately distinguished by its 11 themes in which names such as Aurea, António Zambujo, Silk (Cais Sodré Funk Connection) and Orlanda Guillande collaborated. “Wonder Why”, presentation single featured Aurea. More recently, the band released their third album of originals “The Mamba King”, which immediately featured the themes “Stronger” and “Believe”.

The Black Mamba usually grabs the audience for their blues, funk, soul, r & b-inspired rhythms, and even the darkest pop, with hits like “I’ll Meet You There”, “It Ain’t You ”,“ Wonder Why ”.

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