The Carnival Holiday Inn Porto Gaia returns to the 80’s

Carnival theme party with dinner available for € 55 / person.

To remember is to live and in Carnival is also to have fun as never revisiting environment, clothes, hairstyles and expressions of other decades. This year, on the night of March 4, Holiday Inn Porto Gaia invites revelers back to the 80s.

‘Let’s Go Back to the ’80s!’ is the challenge launched by this hotel located in Vila Nova de Gaia, which for this night full of fun and socializing prepares a themed party with buffet dinner. The whole environment, from the decoration to the music, is designed to do justice to the incredible ’80s.

The complete Carnival program of the Holiday Inn Porto Gaia, with a party, dinner with drinks included and offers of two caipirinhas by reservation, is available for 55 € per person.

Since the evening promises to be long, partygoers wishing to include their stay on the reservation on Monday night have room rates starting at € 85 per person with breakfast included.

Reservations for the Carnival party at Holiday Inn Porto Gaia, with or without a stay, can be made now through or by the contact 223.747.500.

*** Dinner Buffet Menu ***


– Simple Salads, Caesar Salad, Caprese Salad, Friar Tuna Bean Salad, Chef’s Salad, Roasted Vegetables, Cod Salad and Chickpea;

– Selection of Cheeses and Sausages, Various Bruschetas, Selection of Cards;

– Selection of Bread, Broa and Toasts;

– Cheese Bread and Garlic Bread;

– Varied snacks and assorted puffs.

Main dishes

– Grilled: Picanha, Mama, Ribs, Chicken Thighs and Sausages;

Potato chips, rice, black beans, cabbage, banana, farofa, grilled pineapple, grilled tomatoes and corn cobs;

– Fusilli tricolor of tuna, olives and peppers & Penne of fresh mushrooms.


Chocolate cake stuffed with red fruits and lime mousse, Strawberry Cheesecake, Filet Cheesecake, Semi-cold Mango, Selection of mini brigadiers, Cream Milk, Crepes from the Sky, French Pudding, Tarte Tatin, Pudding fresh fruit tart, Tarte lemon meringue, camel baba, chocolate mousse, mini sighs and laminated fruit.


– White and red wines from our cellars, sangria of red wine, beer, water, sodas and coffee;

– I included 2 caipirinhas per person.

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