The Centro Termas are waiting for you. Yes, it’s free.

The ‘Viva Termas Centro‘ initiative opens the doors to the thermal baths of the Center region so you can witness the benefits of thermal water.

It began on August 15 and, last month, has toured the Baths of the Center region. We speak of the ‘Viva Termas Centro’, an initiative that has opened its doors, free of charge, to those who want to witness the surprises of the thermal waters. The goal?“To make known the benefit of these waters to those who have not yet had the opportunity,” explains Guida Mendes, coordinator of the Termas Centro.

All the strategies outlined by the Centro Spa are aimed at the public “from 8 to 80”, but in this particular case, says the coordinator, “we must not forget that we have to recreate concepts and try to reach new audiences who can look for Thermal baths for the sake of well-being. It is necessary to counter the paradigm that the estancias are only for the elderly or people with some pathology “, stressed.

In this initiative, activities are planned for one or two days and, in addition to making known all the essences of the Spa, people are invited to witness a relaxing treatment with thermal water, such as the aeroban – an emulsion of air bubbles atmospheric in thermal water caused by the insufflation of air, through holes located in the bottom of the bathtub. But there is much more at ‘Viva Spa Center’. In these animation cycles stand up comedy shows, or even walks and workshops are also planned.

As Guida Mendes argues, those who seek the Spa are either for thermal healing or for well-being, “have plenty of free time. Last year, for example, we organized ‘outdoor’ trails so people could get a chance to discover the region’s heritage. And these paths have been georeferenced and will now be available in the Spa Center for those who want to have these experiences. ” 18 thermal resorts, 18 walking routes – “We are creating materials that last in time”, says the coordinator.

Already in the scope of the workshops, it is intended to combine the excellence of Portuguese gastronomy with the typical products of the region, but in a “healthy way”, thus contributing to the balance of the organism. Last year, we “brought in a nutritionist and she was adapting her fears to local products, but this year we wanted to go further and invited restaurants to demonstrate and share their dishes.”

So, if you have not yet had the opportunity to get to know the Spa of the Center, check here where the next Viva Termas Centro event will take place and check which resort will be open #cases. And, remember, it’s free. Just confirm your presence and let yourself be conquered by the benefits of thermal water.

Tradition hand in hand with modernity

With a century-old tradition, the Portuguese Baths are rooted in the history of the country. We can even go back to the monarchy, and we will easily find a member of royalty who has been in a thermal bath, as was the case of Queen Amelia, who sought the Spa of S. Pedro do Sul.

However, despite having a distant tradition, the Termas do Centro are today the reflection of a perfect alliance between history and modernity. Although they maintain the identity matrix that is their hallmark, and that is visible for example in the façades or even in some details, they have been restored in a way, also, to respond to new audiences. “Most of the hot springs now have a space for well-being, which is basically a new concept”, explains the coordinator.

In fact, from 2009 to 2016, the Termas Centro were reclassified under the program PROVERE – Program for Economic Appreciation of Endogenous Resources.

Therefore, if you are looking for a space where relaxation takes center stage, in intimate settings, the Spa is the option. Vichy shower, hydromassage, aerobanho, jet shower … the offer is varied and in all the proposals there is a common denominator: the thermal water and its benefits.

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