The ECOPRAIAS campaign made it possible to collect 165 tonnes of plastic waste in Setubal

A campaign carried out on 33 beaches in the areas of Almada, Sesimbra and Setúbal, between June 22 and September 15, allowed to collect 165 tons of waste for recycling.

The ECOPRAIAIS – ‘Let’s Recycle by the Sea’ 2019 campaign was promoted by the waste company Amarsul, one of the concessionaires of the Empresa Geral de Fomento (EGF) group, and involved more than 400 entities.

This project has had a special focus on children who go to the beach with their holiday camps to raise their awareness of good environmental practices and raise awareness of the proper separation of packaging waste.

In total, 22,700 children out of a total of 91,400 people were involved in this campaign.

EGF is made up of 11 concessionaire companies responsible for urban solid waste management in 174 municipalities across the country, serving a population of 6.2 million people.

Amarsul “backpackers”, besides collecting the used plastic packaging, make the bathers aware of the campaign objectives and the importance of waste separation.

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