The film ‘Indolor’, with Portuguese co-production, is awarded for the San Sebastian Festival

The project of the film ‘Indolor’, by Uruguayan director Michael Wahrmann, with Portuguese co-production, was awarded at the San Sebastian Festival in Spain.

Indolor is a co-production between Brazil, Argentina and Portugal, through the producer O Som e a Fúria, and was under development in an artistic residency program, parallel to the San Sebastian film festival, and has now been recognized with a monetary award for post-production.

Directed by Michael Wahrmann, a Uruguayan filmmaker and producer based in Brazil, Indolor is presented as a ‘thriller’ about a retired French diplomat who decides to buy, with his wife, a paradise property in northeastern Brazil, after discovering that it was inhabited by a disconcerting descending community of German settlers.

This is a project of the Brazilian producer Sancho & Punta, founded by Michael Wahrmann and Júlia Alves, and has also received support from the European Ibermedia program.

Among the films already produced by Sancho & Punta are Adirley Queirós‘s “Era uma vez Brasília” (‘Once Upon a Time Brasilia’), co-produced by the Portuguese Terratreme Filmes, and Lucrecia Martel‘s “Zama”, directed by Rui Poças and co-produced by O Som e a Fúria.

The San Sebastian festival, which ends on Sunday, has in the official competition Gonçalo Waddington‘s film “Patrick” and “L’ile aux oiseaux” by the Luso-Swiss duo Maya Kosa and Sérgio da Costa, while in the student competition. is the short film Em caso de fogo(“In Case of Fire”) by Tomás Paula Marques.

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