The First APP to Dry Clean, Iron and Clean in Portugal

It is Portuguese, works 24 hours a day, every day of the week and is available on Android and iOS systems.

More time to do what you love! This is the main objective of Dona Rosa, offering all her clients the possibility of delegating the task of caring, washing, ironing or dry cleaning their clothes to the application.

The “Dona Rosa” application is the first service in Portugal to collect and deliver laundry, ironing and dry cleaning at home through a mobile app. With it, you can schedule collections and deliveries of clothing at the time you want, where you want and for the time and place you prefer, all at the distance of a “click”.

Dona Rosa’s main objective is “to offer more quality of life and free time to people”, explain Rodrigo Ruiz and Tomás Noronha, the company’s founders. “Dona Rosa works every day, including Saturdays and Sundays with pickups and daily deliveries until midnight. It is easy to schedule pickups and deliveries on the app, our customers do not need to waste time on phone calls and appointments, they do not need to fill out forms or send us emails. Dona Rosa is available to all of them at a click and whenever necessary ”.

The app is already in operation and in this first phase, its coverage area is centred in the municipality of Lisbon (from Restelo to Parque das Nações). Soon the app will have its services available in the total area of ​​Lisbon and Porto.

Laundry washed and ironed just a click away

The laundry and ironing services at home are nothing new, but Dona Rosa is distinguished by the simplicity of the process: “Anyone can download the app and enjoy the service. If doubts arise during use, we are available to clarify them through our email or WhatsApp ”, clarify the founders.

The Dona Rosa app is available for Android and iOS. At the moment, the service extends to all types of clothing, with the possibility of asking to wash and treat curtains and rugs to arrive in the near future. The clothes are ready in 48 hours and are delivered on the third day.

So, remember the next time you want to go for a walk and you can’t because you have to stay at home to iron, collect the clothes that are accumulating on the chairs and baskets, call Dona Rosa to your house and wait that the clothes be returned to you ready to pack and put on. Easy, isn’t it? Only with “Dona Rosa”.

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