The first day of Santa Casa Alfama Festival with Mariza, José Gonzalez, Fafá de Belém and more

The biggest Fado Festival in the world

Last weekend, the biggest fado festival was held, Santa Casa Alfama and one more, the streets of Alfama were filled with Fado, even with the pandemic, it was possible to hear some of the greatest performers.

This year was special, as we celebrated the centenary of the birth of the great diva of Fado, Amália Rodrigues, but also because, due to the contingency situation that the country lives due to COVID 19, all the DGS rules were applied to the festival, closed spaces, seating and reduced public.

So this fado festival had 5 stages, all of them in Alfama. In addition to the concerts, the Video Mapping “Amália” was projected on the Facade of the Cruise Terminal where, for 15 minutes, free of charge, everyone who wanted to could watch a video about Amália’s life. At the Lisbon Cruise Terminal, the exhibition “Welcome to be Amália.”

On the Ermelinda Freitas Stage, “Amália na Voz da Guitarra” was heard, with Pedro Dias.

Ana Lúcia Nunes sang “Ciumenta”, “Fado das Horas” among other fados and in a duet with Diogo Rocha sang “Quebranto“,

Emanuel © Luis M Serrão – Portugalinews

Emanuel Soares took us through “Incerteza”, “Canoas do Tejo”, “Fama de Alfama” and “Canto o Fado”just to highlight a few.

The Ermelinda Freitas Stage ended its night with the fado singer Fabia Rebordão and her “Lisboa Cidade” and “Pergunta a Quem Quiseres” , among others, in a place with a fantastic view over Alfama and Lisbon.

At Palco Principal Santa Casa the sunset brought us Custódio Castelo Trio, Custódio Castelo one of the best Portuguese guitarists with the sounds of the Portuguese guitar, in the company of the fado and bass guitar of his trio, brought us beautiful melodies.

Duarte, among others, sang “Sandades que trazes Contigo”, and we will miss hearing him playing Fado again.

Maria Emília, entertained us with “Ai Maria”, “Duas Lágrimas de Orvalho” and “Fado Menor”, ​​a fado singer who is one of the new voices of fado.

José Gonzalez and Fafá de Belém, among other fados, sang “O Rapaz da Camisola Verde” and “Não Cantes esse Fado”, filled the stage with strong interpretations.

Mariza © Luis M Serrão – Portugalinews

Palco Santa Casa closes this first day with Mariza, dispensing with any presentation, her sweet voice, and the friendliness that characterize her, always interacting with the public. Among others, she sang “Sem Ti”, “Ó Gente da minha Terra”, “Quem me Dera”, “Estranha Forma de Vida”, “Lágrima” and “Barco Negro”.

At the Fado Museum, the Palco do Público, brought us amateur fado singers, the future and present of fado.

The Santa Maria Maior Stage presented Rodrigo Monteiro, Beatriz da Conceição Mamede and Rodrigo Figueira from the Alverca and Creative Fado School;

Sónia Santos and Diogo Rocha performed “Vielas de Alfama”, “Recordando Amores Esquecidos”, “O Meu Coração Parou” and Ser Fadista é ser Artista e Bom Pofrtuguês”, themes that warmed the public. Jaime Dias and Beatriz Felizardo ended the night at the Santa Maria Maior Stage.

At the Amália Stage (Auditório Abreu Advogados), Vânia Duarte and André Baptista performed, and with “Casinha dum Pobre” , “A Minha Rua” and “Sombras da Madrugada”, delighted those who went to that stage.


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