The first meteor shower of 2020 is coming. And it’s tonight

The last hours of today and the first of Saturday, the 4th, will be marked by the first meteor shower of the decade.

The first meteor shower of the decade, which is called Quadrantid, is scheduled between today night, the 3rd, and the early hours of Saturday.

According to NASA, this meteor shower may even be the best of the year, although the period is shorter than usual.

Meteor visibility varies each year depending on the brightness of the moon. If the sky is clear, the perfect conditions to observe the phenomenon are created this year.

If you’re crazy about astronomy or just curious, and don’t want to lose sight of this rare phenomenon, look at the skies between midnight today and Saturday dawn. And the farther from the city, the better, because the darker the sky gets.

NASA also advises you to inhabit your eyes in the dark at that time, notably by taking a break from using your mobile phone, to be able to see the maximum number of meteors that have fallen from 60 to 100 every hour, in a period of about 6 hours.

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