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The Gift were stars in Carnide

Olhar Carnide

During the month of September several activities take place in the parish of Carnide, which aim to celebrate the parish, its people, history, tradition, this weekend had presence of several renowned artists, The Gift, Fernando Daniel and Paulo de Carvalho, but until the 26th, there is still street entertainment, guided tours, exhibitions.

The Gift was spectacular, as always, by the way, they sang their greatest hits and themes from their latest album, in an explosion of life, joy, good mood and excellent music.

The Portuguese band, from Alcobaça, formed in 1994 with a repertoire mainly in English, in which songs like “Ok! Do you Want Something Simple?“, “Driving You Slow“, but also the song in Portuguese “Fácil de Entender“, are kings in any concert. With records produced by great names Ken Nelson, Brian Eno, Flood, Howie B, which opened international doors for them, to success more than deserved.

The public that was not afraid of the rain and some cold did not regret leaving the house to watch this excellent concert, by this iconic Portuguese band.

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