The Gift, Sérgio Godinho and Salvador Sobral go to S. João da Madeira

The Municipality of São João da Madeira announced today the annual program of the House of Creativity and Culture Pairs, proposing theatre, such as “Hamlet“, and concerts such as The Gift, Sérgio Godinho, Maria João and Salvador Sobral.

Paulo de Carvalho, Shirley King, Diogo Piçarra, Selma Uamusse, Lisbon Poetry Orchestra, Jacinta, Cícero and Cecília Krull López are other artists that will be on stage until the end of 2019, All in the sauce and faith in God ‘, by Carlos Cunha, several conferences and film sessions.

There are about 70 music, theatre and cinema show that will pass through these two emblematic spaces of the city, including children’s and family programming,” Jorge Valtos Sequeira, president of the municipality.

These choices are aimed at ‘meeting different audiences’, because, as the mayor argues, the loyalty of spectators’ depends on the existence of a diversified and qualifying offer, which, while coherent and eclectic, reinforces the role of culture in life of the communities, enabling them for demanding and challenging consumption ‘.

Concerning music, the program foresees a February concert by Paulo de Carvalho, who celebrates a career of 55 years marked by themes such as ‘And after goodbye’ and ‘The boys around the bonfire’, and another by The Black Mamba, whose debut album involves blues, soul and funk.

In March the Lisbon Poetry Orchestra is heard, a project that combines music and declamation of poetry, as well as Selma Uamusse, Mozambican voice of the gospel. There will also be ‘Poesia e jazz’ by Nicolau Santos, Manuel Lourenço and Cláudia Franco, and the concert by Cecília Krull López from Madrid, author of ‘My life s going on’, the opening theme of the acclaimed TV series ‘Casa de Papel’.

The Gift opens the list of April, which will also hear Mathilda, named New Talent Fnac 2018, and May will be the month of Cape Verdean Sara Alhinho.

For June it is proposed Diogo Piçarra, in the ambit of the tour ‘Abrigo’; for July, the Brazilian Cícero, whose carioca sound crosses with indie rock; and, for September, the group Anquim, which combines blues, country and jazz, as well as Salvador Sobral, winner of the Eurovision 2017 festival.

October is followed by the Light Orchestra of the Army, Sérgio Godinho and the Portuguese Sean Riley, followed by the second edition of the ‘November Jazz’ program, which starts with the singer Maria João, accompanied by the Ogre Trio, and then continues with Shirley King, daughter of blues legend BB King (1925-2015), ending with Elisa Rodrigues and Jacinta.

In addition to the December concert of the Saint Dominic’s Gospel Choir, which is the largest gospel choir in Portugal, other musical performances planned for São João da Madeira are those of the ‘Somos Nós’ cycle, which on the last Sunday of each month will present projects of the municipality itself, by entities such as music bands, ballet academies, etc.

As for the theatre, there are several pieces that will go through the House of Creativity and the Paços de Cultura in 2019, and although those that will be part of the Festival of Theater of São João da Madeira are not yet revealed, there are others already confirmed: From the beginning to the end ‘, from the Teatro das Beiras,’ Hamlet ‘, by the Theater Company of Chapitô,’ Generation Facebook ‘, from the group Protagonizamagia,’ Everything to the sauce and faith in God ‘, produced and starred by Carlos Cunha, Clay ‘, of the Theater of the Didascalia.

The cycle of conferences ‘Thinking the future’, in turn, will include interventions by former Secretary General CGTP Manuel Carvalho da Silva, the current Minister of Presidency and Administrative Modernization, Maria Manuel Leitão Marques, an environmental researcher and researcher Viriato Soromenho- Marques, and the physicist Carlos Manuel Batista Fiolhais.

Children’s proposals are four: ‘Bags and Diapers’, from Catrapum Catrapeia collective, ‘Verdi que te quero verdi’, from the Almada Theater Company, ‘Discover the world’, from the Magic Lantern, ‘Mi ~ Mar’, from DançArte groups and Aria da Música, and ‘A magical world’, from the Teatro das Beiras.

As for the São João Cineclube program, the films have not yet been chosen, but by the end of the year there will be 11 sessions with works that are usually not on the commercial circuit, always on the first Thursday of each month and with a guest from the industry, available to talk to viewers.

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