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The Gift | Vila Real

Tickets: € 17

The Summer. The Summer of Gift … This Summer is the obvious continuity of Spring. This summer black and white gives way to dark blue. In the sepia. To the heat seen from within.
This summer is not about beaches and salt skin. It is not from the eyes that appear to be emerald green. It is not the passions that end up by letter. It’s not travel with open windows. It is not from the sea. It is not the summer of bright colors in the sun.
This summer only runs a breeze. A gentle breeze. Outside the scorching heat. Inside echoes a piano. One voice. A thousand sounds that are brought by the warm breeze that moves the thin curtains. White. Inside the sun’s rays enter the breaches of the wooden blinds. In the background a nature radiates with joy. A river and the children in the late afternoon playing in spurts in a distant garden.
This summer The Gift is more intimate than ever. On stage, intimacy takes another form. An indispensable show.

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