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The Happy Mess presents “Jardim da Parada”

Maria Matos Theater

Teatro Maria Matos was the stage for the premiere of The Happy Mess’ new album, which includes the singles “Perder o Pé“, “Nadar de costa” and the brand new “Alguma coisa vai mudar“, also features collaborations by Bruno Vieira Amaral, José Luís Peixoto, Regina Guimarães, Capicua and Rui Reininho, among others.

Miguel Ribeiro, is a journalist known by the Portuguese, as one of the faces of SIC Notícias, but he also composes, plays and gives voice to The Happy Mess, a project with ten years of indie-pop music. The journalist has been in several garage bands, since his adolescence, but he would end up putting journalism in the first place.

It was in the midst of the pandemic that Miguel Ribeiro, João Pascoal, Hugo Azevedo, Afonso Carvalho and Paulo Mouta Pereira started to compose the new “some”, this one that is already its fifth album and celebrates a decade of songs, as many authors created this work from a distance and they only met when they reached the production stage, a work that is entirely in Portuguese.

The Happy Mess > Teatro Maria Matos ©Luís M. Serrão < iNeews < 2021.10.25

In the words of Miguel Ribeiro…this record, we’ve been postponing the trip to Portuguese for a long time, if anything the pandemic helped, it was giving us time to experiment so that every day we can find a new voice, it’s not just translated, you have to find a personality to sing Portuguese, and Portuguese has a special weight and I’ve always been so fond of Portuguese, I work with him every day, I postponed this one, I was clearly afraid, I was afraid to move on to Portuguese, and fortunately we had the collaboration of spectacular people…

The band counts on this album with the collaboration in the lyrics of Bruno Vieira Amaral, Filipa Leal, José Luís Peixoto, Nuno Costa Santos, Regina Guimarães, Rodrigo Guedes de Carvalho, Capicua, Sara Leal and Rui Reininho in the lyrics, by Alexandre Soares on the guitar of twelve strings in the theme “Gin, telenovela” and by Kassin, Rui Maia and Paulo Mouta Pereira in the production.

The new single, “Alguma coisa vai mudar“, has lyrics by Miguel Ribeiro and Rodrigo Guedes de Carvalho, while the video is signed by one of the most recognized Brazilian producers, Kassin, who collaborated with Caetano Veloso, Adriana Calcanhoto or Los Hermanos.

It was with this theme that The Happy Mess entered the stage, among older and more recent themes, were thrilling, the very public, present in the room, who applauded and sang with them from the beginning to the end of the concert.

The Happy Mess > Teatro Maria Matos ©Luís M. Serrão < iNeews < 2021.10.25

This was followed by “Love is a strange thing“, “Perder o pé” e “Gin e telenovela“, Miguel Ribeiro took the opportunity to thank the audience for being present, also mentioning “I hope you have time to listen with affection, our album, and that continues to feed not only our brand but all Portuguese music, which went through great difficulties during this period.

Waltz for Lovers“, “Primeiros socorros” and “Salto mortal” were the themes that followed, in an ever-growing concert, in which the band guided the audience in what would be a fantastic night at Maria Matos, Miguel Ribeiro even ended up confessing that “I hate playing the record for the first time, a feeling of happiness, and I don’t like it” comment to which the audience responded with a big laugh.

Nadar de costas“, “Backyard girl“, “Homeland“, “Capitão Roscofe“, with lyrics by Capicua, which Miguel Ribeiro says he likes a lot, “Espiral” and “Dressed to kill“,  were the themes that followed, Miguel Ribeiro also said “I hope you liked it, it’s still difficult to see if you like it or not, because of the masks, I hope so” to which the audience responded with loud and long applause, and the concert ended with “Heaven“, and a long ovation from the audience that filled Maria Matos, of course, The Happy Mess would have to return to the stage for the joy of all.

It was with “Morning sun” and “Extravio” that The Happy Mess ended a concert at Teatro Maria Matos, which marks the band’s return, the debut of a new album, a night of pure joy.

The Happy Mess > Teatro Maria Matos ©Luís M. Serrão < iNeews < 2021.10.25

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