The importance of anticipating the future

Life is always presenting us with surprises, some good, others of course not really, so it is necessary, whenever possible, to be prepared.

In my life, I have had many surprises, some very good, like when, with my wife, we planned to have a second child, life gave me two wonderful twin daughters, who, with my eldest son, have been the light of my life.

Despite all the joy that this miracle brought me, it also gave me a lot of headaches, and of course, for a young couple, it was necessary to balance the budget, work more, and even find extra jobs so that my three children would not lack the essentials.

But of course, life brings us challenges, and as we overcome some, we encounter others, and my life has been rich in challenges.

Like so many other people, the pandemic was a great challenge, there was a company that lost customers, which closed with confinement, or simply, they also suspended operations, not placing orders, it was a very difficult period, without support, which like so many other companies, it ended with the closure of my company.

So believe me, I value a lot the ability to be financially prepared, to have savings, a safeguard for when life doesn’t go our way.

Of course, it’s not always easy to find information on the subject, and banks don’t always give us the information we need, but they present what suits them best.

It was therefore a pleasant surprise when I found the Savings Calculator website, where we can find not only a savings simulator, but also a lot of information on the subject, such as Investing In Series / Savings Bonds, or Calculation Mechanics, How to Calculate Compound Interest, How to Find Current Interest Rates or response in case of Market Conditions Change.

You will also find on this site a calculator to define your savings goals, or another one where you can calculate expenses/savings for your education or that of your children and even how to create a plan for your retirement.

Go through the Savings Calculator website, and protect your future, even if you save little, it will help you on the less easy days.

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