The Jewellery Experience: Brazilian designers open atelier in Porto

After seducing the Brazilian market, Diogo Dalloz and Ni Romiti are now in the Portuguese market, in a space that invites interaction and experience. The Rio designers have just opened a contemporary jewellery shop in the Lumière Galleries.

Diogo Dalloz and Ni Romiti, Brazilian jewellery designers, affirm themselves in the Portuguese market with the opening of a contemporary jewellery shop in downtown Porto. The Lumière Galleries are the new home of the young creators who are betting on the growth of the brand, which, besides selling point, also hosts the creative studio.

In addition to exhibiting the collections of both designers, the store will be an area of interaction and experience – The Jewellery Experience, where visitors can watch the manufacture of live parts and participate in the creation and personalization of their pieces.

Diogo Dalloz was born in Rio de Janeiro, but it was in Portugal that he discovered the fascination with the technique and art of Portuguese jewellery. Graduated in Sculpture, he had his first contact with the jewellery in Portugal, in an exchange program at the University of Lisbon. Later, she returned to Porto, this time to attend a postgraduate course in ‘Jewellery Design’ and a master’s degree in ‘Product Design’, with a focus on jewellery design.

After the formation, he creates his brand in his own name in Brazil, where it begins to gain expression. But it finally moves to Porto earlier this year, with the ambition of expanding the business in Portugal and Europe.

Diogo Dalloz emphasizes that his brand “combines the quality of the technique of Portuguese jewellery with the sensuality of the design of Rio de Janeiro. It was in Portugal that I fell in love with jewellery and this is where I intend to continue developing my brand. But I also want to bring some of Brazil to Portugal, so I challenged Ni Romiti to join the project. In fact, our goal is for the store to be a stage of creation and that in the future we will receive other authors, Portuguese, Brazilian or other nationalities, who want to expose their work in Portugal. ”

With jewellery present in the familiar DNA, Ni Romiti creates versatile jewels that stand out for their timelessness. Residing in Rio de Janeiro, the designer takes on the fascination for permanent innovation and evolution.

For Ni Romiti will be a debut in the Portuguese market. According to the Brazilian designer “, this is an opportunity to expand my brand in Portugal and open doors to very interesting markets, namely Europe’s centre”. Opening its first store in collaboration with Diogo Dalloz, the designer stresses the importance of “having a physical space closer to the Portuguese consumer and allowing me to expose my pieces to a wider audience and, in parallel, to work in collaboration with a Brazilian designer who bets on the versatility of the pieces and the quality of production. “

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