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The kickboxing world champion is 15 years old and is Portuguese.

Vítor Santos won the gold medal at the World Championships in November 2018 in Argentina.

His name is Vítor Santos, 15 years old, Portuguese and … kickboxing world champion. It is true! The course of this young athlete began very early and from the age of 10 had the follow-up of César Moreira, who is now his coach.

He came here with a lot of desire to practice boxing. It was for this that he was full of will. But I saw early on that I had some kickboxing skills too, “he began by explaining the fighter’s mentor, in statements to Men’s Health magazine, admitting that things did not even go well at first.

Currently, the young promise trains five times a week: three in boxing discipline and three in kickboxing. The year 2017 was the most remarkable in this still short but triumphant journey. Vítor Santos won the regional, national and European championship in a competition that took him to Santorini in Greece. Last November, at the World Kickboxing in Argentina, he secured the highest place of the podium and won the gold medal.

The future is therefore faced with tremendous optimism, but also with feet firmly on the ground. “If you continue as you have done here, dedicated, with natural talent, accompanied by work, I believe you will have a lot of success,” says César Moreira, stressing that ” : “As a seasoned athlete he is, it was a recognition he achieved with his goals.”

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