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The Kooks announce a European tour through Lisbon

The Kooks have just announced the European tour celebrating the 15th anniversary of their debut album ‘Inside In/Inside Out’, with Portugal on the agenda. The British band arrives at Campo Pequeno on March 26, 2022, to celebrate the anniversary of the album that brought them to the spotlight, with singles such as “Naive”, “Sofa Bed” or “Seaside”.

Over the years, The Kooks have proven to be one of the mainstays of UK indie pop, since the beginning of their career in 2006, with the release of the multi-platinum “Inside In/Inside Out” – which remains, to this day, timeless.

Luke Pritchard says: “We are very excited to finally announce a 2022 tour and celebrate 15 years of our debut album.” The band wants to “play all the songs on the album” as well as “some audience favorites” that have marked the band’s career over the years, “as a thank you to the fans for all the love that kept [this] album alive [.. .]. We are very excited to be playing again and we can’t wait for this nostalgic trip.”

The Kooks take the stage at Campo Pequeno on March 26, 2022, accompanied by The Snuts in the first part of the concert.

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