“The lack that moves us” closes bienal Artist in the City

Five friends waiting for another, during the Christmas night, make ‘The Failure That Moves Us’, the projection of the director, filmmaker and playwright Christiane Jatahy, which ends on Saturday at the S. Luiz Theater in Lisbon, biennial Artist in City.

The video installation begins to be projected at exactly the same time that it began filming at 5:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve 2008, tells the story of five friends waiting for the arrival of someone who is slow to arrive – and who never really arrives -, and it continues at about 13 o’clock in the real time of this waiting, in order to reveal the history of each one of the characters, as who tells the history or the history of Brazil during the military dictatorship (1964-1985), explained Christiane Jatahy.

They are stories that the playwright decided to put on the scene and on film because they are stories that are close to her as well as friends, he added, stressing that they are stories “of something that always lacks.” “Just like when we lack freedom,” he said.

Urged to take stock of the work done in the cycle of Artist in the City, since last March, when her name was announced and presented for the first time, the playwright considered it to be a very special, important experience it’s unique”.

Although he has already taken his work to many stages, in many cities, in many places, especially in Europe and the American continent, this was the first time he showed it with a logic and in the sequence, he organized in dramaturgical terms, said Christiane Jatahy.

“So it was an incredible experience for me,” he added, adding that the Lisbon public also welcomed his work “with open arms and with the greatest of empathy.” A very important milestone for the director.

“I regard [my work] as practically a single writing, in the sense that the work unfolds in questions and in questions that will lead to the next,” he said, stressing that his different pieces, his installations and interventions should be seen “like someone who reads a book.”

And if in the first half of this year, Christiane Jatahy presented, above all, unpublished works, which have been part of her repertoire since 2011, in the second half of the year, she preferred, preferably, to the research that has been dedicated to us last seven years.

Works that, according to the director, all have a very direct relationship with the audiovisual, and which were often “base and seed” for researches of the works presented in the first semester.

Showing herself very happy to have been the Artist in the City 2018, Christiane Jatahy stressed that the works presented in Lisbon do not leave their line of action, “which is marked by the relationship between the fictional and the real.”

A line that, he assured, is very present in ‘The Failure that moves us’ and with what was captured by the three cameras that filmed the action – the wait – for 13 hours.

After being edited, this work became an hour-and-a-half-minute film that was circulated by international festivals and which is shown on Friday at the S. Jorge Cinema in Lisbon.

It was after making this film that the playwright and director decided to do a video installation with all the material filmed during the thirteen hours.

The work thus translates into three cinema screens in which are shown the images captured simultaneously by the three chambers, without any cuts.

Friendship, romance and stories are the words Christiane Jatahy associates with “The Failure That Moves Us” which brings “memories of political issues to the forefront”.

“They are the children of people affected by the Brazilian military dictatorship, in all that this means, since the disappearance of parents, grandparents … And then these faults are always present,” he said.

These are absences, resulting from disappearances during the dictatorship, which the director hopes will not happen again in Brazil, following the results of the recent elections, with the victory of the right-wing candidate, Jair Bolsonaro.

Results Christiane Jatahy fears “to make the country regress to times that are not so far away.”

“I just hope not,” he emphasized as someone who tries hard not to.

Christiane Jatahy emphasizes that “the fault that moves us” is not only “lack in the abstract sense”.

“It is the fault that is in each one of us, but it is also the political lack, the social lack, the lack of affection and the lack of freedom,” he concluded.

‘Itaka – Our Odyssey I’, ‘The Now That It Takes’, ‘And if they went to Moscow’ and ‘The Three Sisters’ are among the works presented in Lisbon by Jatahy, under the cycle Artist in the city, led to the stage of the S. Luiz Theater, the National Theater D. Maria II, the Lisbon Museum and, since Thursday, the Cinemateca Portuguesa, with the programming of a cycle, which goes from ‘The Rule of the Game’, from Jean Renoir, Thomas Vinterberg’s ‘The Festa’, Lucrecia Martel’s ‘The Swamp’, David Lynch’s ‘Inland Empire’, John Cassavetes ‘Faces’, Michael Haneke’s ‘Unknown Code’ It’s Not A Movie, “by Jafar Panahi, and his own ‘A Failure That Moves Us’.

All his work, says Jatahy, is “on the contemporary, on the present, on the time that passes, even if it is based on past works, such as ‘Odyssey’, ‘Itaca’, ‘Girl Julia’ from Strindberg, to ‘Julia’, ‘The Three Sisters’, from Chekhov, to ‘What if they went to Moscow?’, or ‘Macbeth’ from Shakespeare to ‘The Forest That Walks’, plays he presented in Lisbon.

“There is no escaping the contemporary,” concluded the creator.

Christiane Jatahy starred in the fourth edition of the biennial Artist in the City, after Congolese dancer and choreographer Faustin Linyekula (2016), British playwright Tim Etchells (2014) and Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker (2012).

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