The Legendary Tigerman, one man band show

Takeover #1 – Musicbox on São Luiz

Musibox, EGEAC and S. Luiz provided the audience present, another excellent show with a fantastic concert by The Legendary Tigerman, a night that will be remembered by all present.

Paulo Furtado, The Legendary Tigerman, has long accustomed us to high-quality concerts, vibrant music and rich and accomplished compositions, usually alone on stage, on drums and viola, the songs have a richness, which seems more accompanied by a band. In this show at S. Luiz, he was in the company of saxophonist João Cabrita, companion of many concerts.

Rock n’Roll and Blues as only he knows how to create, themes like “Wild Beast“, “I’ll Make You Mine” and “Naked Blues“, were delighting the audience of S. Luiz, among other known themes of this one-man-band, format born on the banks of the Mississippi Delta.

But also “Storm over Paradise” and “Bad Luck Rhythm ‘N’ Blues Machine” were interpreted themes that made it difficult for the public to sit on chairs in times of pandemic, many safety rules have to be respected, but the urge to jump out of the chair and dance / vibrate with the music is sometimes stronger.

Among some tributes, we highlight Tom WaitsTango Till They’re Sore”, an interpretation that deserved a huge ovation from the public, such as Eddie Cochran‘s cover.

The concert also had special participation, on video, by Lisa Kekaula, on the theme “The Saddest Thing To Say” from her album “Femina”, an album in which she had other female participation such as Asia Argento, Maria de Medeiros, Becky Lee, Rita Redshoes, Claudia Efe, Phoebe Kildeer, Cibelle, Mafalda Nascimento, among others.

On a night that was memorable, it was with “Black Hole” from the album “Misfit” that Paulo Furtado ended this show with production from Musicbox and the support of EGEAC, which in good time “appropriated” the São Luiz Theater.

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