The Legendary Tigerman will give 22 concerts on a new European tour

The Portuguese musician The Legendary Tigerman will start a new European tour with more than 20 concerts in March to showcase ‘Misfit’, the album he released a year ago, was announced today.

[dropcap type=”default”]T[/dropcap]he new tour starts March 12 in Newcastle, UK, and will run through May through France, Switzerland, Germany and Spain. Most of the dates are concentrated in March.

The Legendary Tigerman, that is, Paulo Furtado, edited ‘Misfit’ in January 2018 in the Portuguese market and has since been phased in other countries, such as Spain, France, Brazil and the United States.

With Misfit, he has spent the last year on stage, performing in Portugal and abroad, which makes it presented as “The greatest international tour” of The Legendary Tigerman.

According to the promoter, the musician has been twice in France and passed through the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Brazil, Macao and China.

‘Misfit’ was composed during a trip of Paulo Furtado to the United States with the director Pedro Maia and the photographer Rita Lino.

At the time they made a film, ‘Fade into nothing’, which would be an inspiration, along with the trip itself, for the composition of new themes. Paulo Furtado returned to the United States later, with musicians Paulo Segadães and João Cabrita, and recorded the album at the Rancho de la Luna studio in Joshua Tree, California.

I wrote all the songs while I was filming and in this misfit mentality. When you wear a mask you are still behind that mask. Most things were written by me with the diaries, which intersected with the lyrics, “he told.

Influenced by American blues, punk and rock’n’roll, Paulo Furtado admitted that he only recently wanted to record in the United States, for fear of redundancy and not having absolute certainties of the language he wanted to follow. “I needed these years to be sure,” he said.

With ‘Misfit’, the ‘one man band’ “remains more or less masked” in the middle of this trio, with drummer Paulo Segadães and saxophonist João Cabrita, which is extended to a live quartet with bassist Filipe Rocha.

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