The Linen Museum in Ribeira de Pena is distinguished by Interreg Europe

The Museu do Linho de Limões, in the parish of Cerva e Limões, was distinguished as an example of good practice by the Interreg Europe Program.

The Interreg Europe Program is the European Union’s platform that manages the Community Fund for Regional Development with the aim of strengthening cohesion policy through the exchange of experiences, the transfer of good practices, and joint initiatives between member countries.

In this sense, it manages and assesses the application of European funds within the scope of thematic objectives such as innovation, SMEs, the economy based on a low level of carbon emissions, and the protection of the environment.

The Program recently distinguished the Museu do Linho de Limões as an example of good practice within the scope of the priority “Environment and efficiency in the use of resources“, now being considered a project recommended for implementation by any European region.

Inaugurated in 2014, by the Municipality of Ribeira de Pena, the Linho Museum is one of the five centers that make up the Ribeira de Pena Ecomuseum, with the mission of preserving and enhancing the traditional linen weaving.

It is promoted with the support of the weavers of Limões, who keep the tradition alive by keeping the weaving workshop that is part of the museum’s permanent exhibition active.

Check the Interreg Europe’s article about the Museum here.

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