“The money donated by the Portuguese applied in the construction of maternity”

The guarantee was given on Tuesday by the president of the Portuguese Red Cross. According to Francisco George, 45 thousand births are expected in the coming weeks and months.

On arrival in Portugal of elements of the Joint Operational Force that was in Mozambique, about the destruction caused by Cyclone Idai, the Portuguese Red Cross president (CVP) rested the Portuguese and told the journalists what will be done to the money donated in favour of that African country.

I can confirm that the funds that the Portuguese have donated will be used to rebuild the local maternity hospital,” said Francisco George, explaining that a CVP maternity hospital is currently in operation, an action that was only possible, he stressed, with the help from the Jerónimo Martins group.

And in this maternity, revealed the former director of the Directorate-General for Health, the “CVP team has already helped to be born three children.” “Many more will be born, many will be born. We know that in the coming weeks and months we will have 45 thousand deliveries,” he said.

Speaking to journalists at the Figo Maduro military base in Lisbon, Francisco George said that “there was no loss of time” in the application of this money in the reconstruction process that “has already begun.

However, the official left an alert: “We have already exceeded 1.6 million euros in donations, but not enough. It is beyond expectations, but short of needs.

In addition to helping deliver deliveries, Red Cross medical teams, Francisco George explained, will also train local doctors and nurses, conveying “knowledge and good practices that will last forever.

It is recalled that the number of deaths resulting from the passage of Cyclone Idai through the Mozambican city of Beira has not stopped rising. The latest update of the authorities reports the death of 598 people, a number that increased by 80 in just one day.

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