The most beautiful melancholy filled the Aula Magna

The British group, Tindersticks, performed at Aula Magna, in a room full of fans, who let themselves be carried away by the band’s melancholic music.

It was a full room that received Tindersticks, which received a big ovation, on the tour where they came to present their last album of originals, “No Treasure But Hope“, released last year.
But not only, but the band also went through themes from their other 10 albums, which the knowledgeable audience recognized at the first notes, and then in silence, to enjoy until the end.

They are part of the Tindersticks, Stuart Staples, David Boulter, Neil Fraser, from their original line-up, joined by Dan McKinna and Earl Harvin drummer who is also part of The The lineup and has been with Stuart Staples’ son, Stanley Staples.

It was with “Running Wild” from the 2000 album “My Oblivion”, followed by “The Amputees” from the 2019 album “No Treasure But Hope” and “Second Chance Man” from “The Waiting Room” 2016, which began trip through the band’s songs, but songs like “How He Entered“, “Medicine”, “Black Night“, “Trees Fall” or “Pinky In the Daylight” could not be missing from the lineup.

But also “Willow“, from the soundtrack of the film “High Life” by Claire Denis with Robert Pattinson, was present, as well as “Jism” from the 1993 album “Tindersticks“, which was one of the most applauded themes of the night, a show that ended with the theme “For The Beauty“.

But the Portuguese public did not let the British band go, and had to return to the Aula Magna stage, interpreting two more themes, “A Night So Still” from the album “San Sebastian 2012” and “Take care In Your Dreams” from the last one album, “No Treasure But Hope“.

And it was with “Take care In Your Dreams“, that the Tindersticks said goodbye to Lisbon, in a night, of good music, in which all expectations created about the performance of this mythical band, were overcome.


Tindersticks is a band from Nottingham, created in 1992, led by the characteristic voice of Stuart Ashton Staples in voice and guitar, Neil Timothy Fraser, guitar and vibraphone and David Leonard Boulternos keyboards and percussion, original line-up.

His songs are a mixture of melancholy, beauty and delicacy, with beautiful orchestrations.


  • Tindersticks – 1993
  • Tindersticks – 1995
  • Curtains – 1997
  • Simple Pleasure – 1999
  • Can Our Love … – 2001
  • Waiting for the Moon – 2003
  • The Hungry Saw – 2008
  • Falling Down a Mountain – 2010
  • The Something Rain – 2012
  • Tindersticks – Across Six Leap Years 2013
  • The Waiting Room 2016
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