The Museum of the Earthquake of 1755 will be born in Lisbon

The proposal was approved by the Lisbon Municipal Assembly about two weeks ago, counting with votes in favor of the PS, CDS, MPT and an independent deputy.

It is impossible to tell the history of the city of Lisbon without mentioning the earthquake followed by a tsunami that destroyed the capital on November 1, 1755.

Taking into account that the tragedy was the motto for reorganization of the city as we know it today, the company Turcultur presented a tourist project that aims not only to tell the story, but to provide an experience similar to that of the earthquake and tsunami.

The project, which can be consulted on the website of the Municipal Assembly of Lisbon, aims to be an “immersive experience” that allows the visitor to see with his own eyes “the city collapsing with the violence of the earthquake”, feel the “heat of the fire of Lisbon “and to be” caught by the gigantic wave of the waters of the Tagus “.

“Lisbon Quake takes us to the epicenter of one of the greatest earthquakes of which there is record in the history of humanity. This journey, which begins today, teaching what earthquakes are, with a scientific framework of them, transports us in time until to the old Lisbon before the catastrophe and shows us how it was reconstructed, “reads the bill presented to municipal deputies.

The Quake Center of Lisbon aims to be a didactic but also entertaining space, having the “ambition to become for Lisbon the same as the Madame Tussauds museum for London, the Gaudi Experience for Barcelona, ??the Anne Frank House for Amsterdam or the Checkpoint Charlie Museum to Berlin “.

Turcultur estimates that the museum, which will be located on a plot of the Lisbon City Hall on Rua da Junqueira, next to the Museu dos Coches, will receive more than 525,000 visitors per year.

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