The Next Big Idea presents Web3 startups guide in Portugal

The Next Big Idea launches a guide for companies in areas such as gaming, fashion, financial asset management, or social impact. They all have in common that they propose solutions based on blockchain technology that many consider being “the next Internet”.

The Next Big Idea platform has launched a guide with information about Web3 startups operating in the Portuguese market. This is not a ranking, but a list of projects in areas that, in the near future, will be impacted by blockchain technology. This is the first edition based on a database that will be regularly updated and supplemented with information on new players and the strategy of this new web market.

Subscription to the Web 3.0 Guide in Portugal is available here.

Web3 is a new thematic area in The Next Big Idea, both on content platforms and through the organization of events. The kick-off was given with the organization, in July, of the conference “Web3: The New Creator Economy”, in partnership with the Electric Festival.

Rute Sousa Vasco, the publisher of The Next Big Idea, explains that “the commitment to the theme of Web3 is a natural evolution for a project, like ours, that follows innovation trends in Portugal and in the world. Whether on TV or on digital platforms, this is a topic that we have been highlighting for over a year, namely in our Next newsletter, which appeared precisely at the time when the Web3 market started to gain dimension. Interest has been growing and we believe it will continue to be.

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