The Old Barber Shop launches products for the modern man who loves the past

The novelties complement the Chiado line.

The shaving cream, the brush and the moisturizing oil. The three essentials to shave do not lack anything else, being one of the examples in which uncomplicated is the best remedy and there is nothing like following the routines of the old times.

This is the concept that defends The Old Neighborhood Barber Shop, where one praises for excellence ‘of the old times’, without forgetting the best that is done today. In this sense, the products he now launches are for today’s man, which the brand defines as “current and fascinated by the discovery of the details of the past.”

It is for him that dedicate the three products that are now launched. The brush of simple lines, in a white piece with details to copper (49,5 €), the aftershave, with Jojoba oil for a hydration as effective as possible (25,5 €) and the shaving cream, which counts also with the Jojoba oil and the one that is added pure Coco for a hydration besides refreshing effect on the skin, during and after the shave (10,5 €).

The Old Neighborhood Barber Shop is in Chiado, Príncipe Real and Ribeira, in Porto, each with its own concept adapted to the environment.

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