The party of the 90s arrives this month at Aveiro and it’s free

For those who live in the land of soft eggs and remember with nostalgia their childhood or adolescence during the 90’s, this is the opportunity to remember and relive times gone by.

The party We are the 90’s Kids by Revenge of the 90’s is about to arrive in Aveiro. Those who want to participate in a party where the 90’s is the ‘Queen of the Night’ can do so already on September 29.

The place, you know, is unknown. Only on the day of the event (Saturday) will you receive an SMS to unveil the location of the party.

As for the tickets, which are actually wristbands and have no associated costs, you can buy them at the Aveiro Forum, at Praça da Estrela from September 22nd to 25th between 11am and 8pm.

The party to remember the great hits of the 90s will feature the Santa Manel (resident band of the Revenge of the 90’s) and the Angels, as headlining.

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