The Psychology of Pandemia presented this Wednesday in Viseu

Clinical and forensic psychologist Mauro Paulino, author of “The Psychology of Pandemia – Understanding and Facing COVID-19”, is the guest of Instituto Piaget in the “Book of the Month” session, which will take place this Wednesday, December 16, at the University Campus of Viseu.

The impacts of COVID-19, as well as the emotional and behavioral reactions resulting from the pandemic, will be at the center of this session that the Piaget Institute conducts monthly, for the past three years, to present a new book. The initiative usually has the support of a publisher and one of the degrees taught at the Institute’s Viseu branch.

In his new book, Mauro Paulino, one of the most popular psychologists today, addresses urgent topics and points to future guidelines that can serve as learning in the management of new pandemics. At the base of it is the assumption that pandemics pose a threat to public health and that the year 2020 will always be studied and remembered, proving that the world was not prepared for the multiple changes caused by COVID-19.

The work, launched by Pactor Editora, highlights unavoidable issues that concern all citizens. This is the case of clinical management of the pandemic, psychological reactions, psychiatric (neuro) complications, psychological and psychosocial interventions, and family pluralities. The impacts of the disease are analyzed in multiple spheres: economic, labor, legal, pedagogical, pediatric, and religious.

The book brings together the contribution of professionals from the most diverse areas, including Medicine, Nursing, Sociology, Social Work, Law and, in particular, Psychology, with the most consistent focus that current scientific knowledge allows.

The preface is signed by SIC journalist Bento Rodrigues, including a postscript by Tiago Pereira, coordinator of the COVID-19 Crisis Office of the Portuguese Psychologists Order.

Member of the National Council of Psychologists, Mauro Paulino is a doctoral student in Forensic Psychology and has a Master’s Degree in Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences. Author and coordinator of several books, he has been a guest lecturer at several national and international universities. He is also the coordinator of Mind – Clinical and Forensic Psychology.

The “Book of the Month” session is scheduled to start at 9:00 am and will be transmitted via the Facebook page of the Piaget Institute of Viseu.

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