The rain arrives later today. Temperatures will drop

Rain will reach mainland Portugal late this afternoon, becoming more intense during the afternoon of Sunday, and on Tuesday of Carnival the temperatures must lower and the wind will blow stronger.

According to forecasts by the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA), there are periods of weak rain or drizzle in the North and Central coasts from the late afternoon of today, which will intensify on Sunday, extending to all the regions of the North and Center of the country.

For Tuesday, the probability of occurrence of precipitation varies between 60 and 90% in the Minho and Douro Litoral, between 50 and 70% in the other regions of the North and Center and between 20 and 50% in the South.

The IPMA’s special Carnival forecast indicates that the wind will blow weak but will become more intense from Sunday morning in the North and Center regions, slowing again on Sunday night to Monday.

On the afternoon of Tuesday Carnival the wind will again blow stronger, especially on the North coast.

The IPMA forecasts a rise in temperature, especially the minimum, until Saturday, and from Sunday a decrease, especially the maximum, that on Tuesday of Carnival should vary between 15º and 19ºC and in the interior North and Center, between 11º and 14ºC.

The sea turmoil is expected to be strong, with waves from west to northwest 3-5m to 4.5m north of Cape Roca from Sunday afternoon to Monday morning.

For Madeira, the IPMA predicts a very cloudy sky, with the possibility of weak downpours on the north slopes and highlands, with a probability of rainfall between 20% and 60% starting on Tuesday afternoon.

The wind will blow from weak to moderate north/northeast, sometimes strong in the highlands, turning to the eastern quadrant on Monday and to the south quadrant on Tuesday of Carnival, a day when it will intensify, becoming moderate the strong.

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