The return to classes happens in the ‘School of Hard Rock’

After the success of the previous edition, with more than 600 mini Rockers certified in the discipline of Rock ‘n’ Roll, the doors of the ‘School of Hard Rock’ reopen in September, with the aim of presenting the history of rock and evolution of music in recent years.

Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon (HRC) will transform the next school year into a true Rock Star experience with the new edition of its ‘Hard Rock School’ educational program. The main objective is to make known the history of rock and the evolution of music in recent years. The program is dedicated to schools and groups, by pre-booking.

This activity will take place in the most emblematic restaurant of music and is aimed at students of all levels of education. With lessons given in Portuguese or English, this experience promises an exciting journey of approximately two hours, divided into two parts, which are filled with stories, curiosities about countless musical stars, videos and visit the memorabilia displayed in the restaurant.

In the first part of the class, students will have the opportunity to get to know and learn the history of the brand: from the first café that was a meeting point for countless rock stars such as Eric Clapton, The Who, Rolling Stones and The Beatles, until it has become a music museum with more than 88,000 pieces of memorabilia, donated by national and international music names that are present all over the world. Already in the second part of the lesson the focus is the history of rock. Here will be explained the evolution of music in recent years, with artists such as Elvis Presley, Queen and Madonna. Also mentioned are socio-political events that influenced the music and served as a vehicle for a message, always showing the way music unites cultures, races and religions.

At the end of the lesson there is the option for students to enjoy a meal worthy of a rock star. There will also be an option including only the class.

In addition to music, the HRC has a strong commitment to society. Through the four values ​​’Love All Serve All’, ‘All is One’, ‘Take Time to Be Kind’ and ‘Save the Planet’, HRC develops several activities like this, ensuring the transmission of an ethical fun The ‘Hard Rock School’ is still designed to be compatible with the themes taught in the classroom, ensuring the full relevance of its contents.

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