The Santa Casa Alfama 2020 festival poster is now complete

Fafá de Belém and José Gonçalves, Custódio Castelo and Júlio Resende are the names that complete the poster of this edition of Santa Casa Alfama on October 2nd and 3rd

In Amália‘s centenary year, the poster of this edition, which wants to be special, is made up of unmissable suggestions, as can be seen in the program of the Festival’s two major stages: the Santa Casa Stage and the Santa Maria Maior Stage.

On the 2nd and 3rd of October, Santa Casa Alfama returns to the heart of Lisbon, in an edition appropriate to the circumstances, following with responsibility and rigor all the rules of the Directorate-General for Health, this edition of the Festival does not lose in emotion, on the contrary! In Amália’s centenary year, the poster is made up of absolutely unmissable suggestions, as proven by the most recent confirmations for two of the Festival’s most charismatic stages: the Santa Casa Stage and the Santa Maria Maior Stage.

The Santa Casa Stage will be able to count on the complicity between Fafá de Belém & José Gonçalez, a tribute to Amália prepared by the talent of Custódio Castelo Trio and also a letter on the piano, sent by Júlio Resende to the great lady of fado.

In yet another edition, Largo do Chafariz de Dentro hosts what is probably the most bairrista stage of Santa Casa Alfama: the Santa Maria Maior Stage. Jaime Dias, Beatriz Felizardo, Vítor Miranda, Conceição Ribeiro, Diogo Rocha, Sónia Santos, Pedro Galveias and Ana Marta are the talents chosen by the Parish Council of Santa Maria Maior, which has hosted the Festival since its first edition.

Fafá de Belém & José Gonçalez

Fafá de Belém & José Gonçalez are two of the biggest musical references in Brazil and Portugal, common presence in the biggest music festivals and on radio and television in each country. Regarding the celebration of José Gonçalez‘s 30 years of career, the two voices joined in a duet that will serve as an advance single for the next album by the singer: “A Valsa da Primavera” comes out in September with the stamp of Sony Music. In addition to this theme, potential success in both Portugal and Brazil, the idea of ​​setting up a unique tour for 2020 was also born.

The tour takes place between July and December and will be called “Cumplicidades”, in terms of what you will feel on stage. This is the unique possibility of having Fafá de Belém, one of the greatest singers in the world, singing our fado, and an accomplice by José Gonçalez‘s side, one of the safest and most coherent fado singers today. This is a moment not to be missed, on October 2nd, at the Santa Casa Stage.

Custódio Castelo

If, as a child, he already built his first musical instrument, it was more than clear that Custódio Castelo could only become a musician. He became a musician and one of the most talented Portuguese guitarists of the last decades, as can be seen in a curriculum that includes collaborations with names like Mísia, Camané and Carlos do Carmo, in addition to the edition of his solo albums, “Tempus” and “Inventus”, Records that show all his artistic ability.

Since he was a child, he is inspired by Amália and in this edition of Santa Casa Alfama he will have the opportunity to pay her a tribute, in a centennial year. The Portuguese guitar by Custódio Castelo invites us to embark on a journey through the timbres that Amália taught us, and where the audience is the main artist because Amália is inside each one of us. The concert takes the stage in gratitude to Amália Rodrigues, strummed by Custódio Castelo – on October 2, on the Santa Casa Stage.

Júlio Resende

After the success of the album “Amália por Júlio Resende”, the pianist returns to pay tribute to the fado singer, this time in an Open Letter in the form of a concert, in the year of Amália Rodrigues’ centenary. And taking into account that it is a missive directed by Júlio Resende himself, nothing better than to keep some of these words from the pianist to Amália: “I hope and wish you are well. It is certain that you still live. Why do you ask? Now, the answer is simple. Because no one has forgotten you yet, dear Amalia. Have you seen how many times we like to say your name or listen to your voice, whether in the streets of Chiado selling discs or selling fish that with great effort went to sea, whether at home, closed, and dreaming sing like that? (…) So Amália, I’m here to assault your songs, pick them up like stones on the beach and throw them into the sea, and amaze me, amaze me a lot when counting the number of ricochets that the stone makes up sink down to the bottom, finally. And is there anything more beautiful there? (..) So I say to you: Thank you very much, Amália, for inspiring me to make sandcastles and keep me a child.

The pianist’s passion for Amália will be shared with everyone, on October 3, at the Santa Casa Stage.


On the Santa Maria Maior stage, the great talents of a parish that lives fado live every day of the year. These are voices linked to the most typical neighborhoods of Lisbon, genuine and popular, capable of capturing any audience. At Largo do Chafariz de Dentro the fadistas come in pairs. On October 2nd, Diogo Rocha‘s claw and Sónia Santos‘ versatility pave the way for the experience of Jaime Dias and the contagious youth of Beatriz Felizardo.

On the second day, October 3, the charisma of Pedro Galveias and the energy of Ana Marta precede the authenticity of Vitor Miranda and the irresistible bairrism of Conceição Ribeiro. The Santa Maria Maior Stage will not lack tradition and also a lot of heart.

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