The song is called Honey and the artist is Noble

In recent months, an English song sung by a Portuguese has been featured on national and local radio, television programs and series/novels. The song is called Honey and the artist Noble.

But luckily, Noble doesn’t just have Honey to offer us. A new theme is now available on digital platforms and will soon be on the radio. The theme is called Coming Back and is already part of the soundtrack for a new TVI soap opera, ‘Na corda bamba’.

In addition to this new single Coming Back, Noble is part of a restricted group of Portuguese musicians invited by Antena 1 to reinterpret a theme of their choice by Amália Rodrigues. Noble’s choice fell on the song Solitude, popularized as Song of the Sea. This action by Antena 1 serves to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the death of Amália Rodrigues that took place on October 6, 1999.

Noble’s news doesn’t end here … Soon, a special event will be announced to celebrate an even more special moment in this early career.

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