The story of courageous ‘3 Women’ in Estado Novo comes to the television

Series will debut this week on the public television station.

It is called ‘3 Women’ and will focus on the lives and paths of three women who were noticed during the Estado Novo through their cultural and civic intervention.

The series will tell the story of writer Natalia Correia, editor Snu Abecassis and journalist Vera Lagoa (whose real name was Maria Armanda Falcão) during the last years of Estado Novo, specifically the time period between 1961 and 1973.

The first episode dates back to 1961, when Natalia Correia’s ‘Song of the Emerging Country’ is published, which is presented in the first neighbourhood of Lisbon, the Bairro da Alegria.

Also this year the young Nordic Ebba Merete Seidenfaden, nicknamed Snu, visits the country of her husband, Vasco Abecassis, at the time of the Colonial War.

At the same time, the journalist and professor José Manuel Tengarrinha are arrested and the woman, Maria Armanda Falcão, attends impotently to the debauchery of her house by PIDE inspectors.

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