The Town Bar are back on record.

November 1st was the release date of their latest single Cigarettes, available on all digital platforms.

Cigarettes portray the story of a girl who went to buy cigarettes one day and never returned. Where have we heard this? Nowhere, because the norm is to be the boy to disappear!

Everything we know about The Town Bar music is represented in Cigarettes: a love story backed by a catchy melody, precise arrangements of keyboards and trumpet, and final choruses at a festive pace.

The Town Bar has its creative core in twins Filipe and Miguel, and Cigarettes is the breakthrough single for a new long term to be released in 2020.

The first EP At the Bar was released in 2016 and the single (with the same name) was part of the collection New Talents Fnac 2017 as well as airplay on Portuguese radio but not only: radios in Spain and Brazil surrendered to musical talent from The Town Bar.

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