The Twist Connection live May 29th

In 2020 the World stopped and The Twist Connection, like other artists, saw their activity suspended. This was a promising year: with a new album, released on March 27, the agenda was already filled and the desire to take the new songs to more people and to more places was more intense than ever.

The songs are already heard on the radio, the album is available on all digital surfaces and it is easy to find the videos on YouTube and on social networks. But the most important thing is missing… Different invitations for the transmission of homemade performances arrived, but the technical mathematics was difficult to solve and the rock’n’roll lacks electricity when the guitar, bass and drums are separated and isolated. The ideal solution has now emerged: a concert behind closed doors in one of the best venues in the country.

Play it Safe will be the main ally and responsible for the audio transmission of this unique moment. But, because the moment we live in is as unique as this concert, filmmaker António Ferreira will also make a film of the same, with the collaboration of photographer Bruno Pires, director of several videos of the band.


May 29th, 2020 | 22:00 |

The Twist Connection

The Twist Connection are composed by Carlos “Kaló” Mendes (drums and vocals), Samuel SIlva (guitar) and Sérgio Cardoso (bass). Banda de Coimbra, has in its roots the rock n ‘roll of other times but, without ever denying, new influences, new sounds.

Both on the albums released so far (singles and albums) and live concerts (in Portugal and abroad), The Twist Connection stands out from the rest for something as simple and important as: the honesty of their music and a faith unshakable in the power of rock’n’roll.


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