“The United Nations is with you,” says Guterres to Mozambicans

The United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, said today that the UN is with the Mozambicans, victims of Cyclone Idai, recognizing that the recovery “will take time” and “demand a very large mobilization“.

António Guterres begins by expressing his “total solidarity with the Mozambican people and their Government” in the face of the immense tragedy that devastated Mozambique.

And at the same time, my heartfelt condolences to the families of the hundreds and hundreds of Mozambicans and Mozambicans who died,” whose number is still unknown, the United Nations Secretary-General says.

Cyclone Idai’s passage into Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi caused at least 762 deaths, according to the most recent official balance sheets.

In Mozambique, the number of confirmed dead rose to 447 in Zimbabwe, 259 were killed and in Malawi, the authorities recorded 56 dead.

The city of Beira, in the coastal centre of Mozambique, was one of the worst hit by the cyclone on the night of March 14.

In today’s message, António Guterres expresses total solidarity “to all those who lost members of their families or lost their homes, who saw the schools where their children studied destroyed, the roads that disappeared, which no longer have the possibility of harvesting what they have sown.

“To all of you I want to say that the United Nations is with you, that from the outset, the humanitarian workers from the United Nations agencies, from the first moment of development, try to do their best to help the Mozambican people out of this huge crisis and to restart its development path, “says the organization’s secretary general.

Recognizing that “it will be hard, it will take time, it will require a great mobilization of all national and international efforts,” António Guterres states: “But we at the United Nations are with you and we are at the same time appealing to the international community for massive aid to Mozambique, so that Mozambique can recover as soon as possible from this immense tragedy.

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