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The Valkyrie Cavalcade arrives at the Porto Ageas Coliseum in 2020

Debuted in 1870, Die Walküre, in its original name, remains the most popular journey of the Nibelung Ring. It contains some of the most popular passages in Wagner’s work: the ardent duet of love, during which spring breaks out; the famous “Cavalcade of Valkyrie; and the “Magic Fire Music”.

Centred on the history of the Wälsungen, this opera tells us of the incestuous passion of brothers Siegmund and Sieglinde and its dire consequences. Peter Mumford, a pioneer in this outreach project, proposes a vision that privileges the psychological intimacy of characters through a unique appeal to film language.

“The Valkyrie” marks the return of the Portuguese Symphony Orchestra to Porto, precisely on the dayspring begins, March 21st. The cast includes some of today’s most remarkable Wagnerian voices (Christopher Ventris, Ricarda Merbeth, Thomas Johannes Mayer), flanked by a set of promising national and international singers.

The Valkyrie / Die Walküre
Richard Wagner [1813-1883] Musical Direction Graeme Jenkins
Staging / Light Design / Video Peter Mumford
Siegmund Christopher Ventris
Sieglinde Ruxandra Donose
Hunding Joshua Bloom
Wotan Thomas Johannes Mayer
Brünnhilde Ricarda Merbeth
Fricka Justina Gringyte
Gerhilde Ana Franco
Helmwige Siphiwe Mckenzie
Waltraute Sónia Alcobaça
Schwertleite to advertise
Ortlinde Maria de Lourdes Martins
Siegrune Ana Ester Neves
Grimgerde Paula Doria
Rossweisse announcing
Portuguese Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Holder Joana Carneiro

Opera north
Porto Ageas Coliseum and São Carlos National Theater The Valkyrie Cavalcade Richard Wagner

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