The Village of Pitões das Júnias

Away from the bustle of the world in a deep and silent isolation, the village seems asleep in the comfort of a beautiful valley of Mourela plateau, between craggy reliefs of Geres.

Their livelihood is the most thrifty: but there are milk, delicious potatoes, fragrant honey, fresh pure water and a climate that serves further to “cure” the most delicious hams and cold cuts from the region.

Not far from the village in an impressive nook, remains the ruins of a modest Benedictine convent, whose foundation seems dated from the century IX.

After a half-hour hike can be found in the mountainside a beautiful waterfall of crystalline water, which falls between two cliffs in a trap surrounded by trees and bushes.


Pitões das Júnias is a village in the region of Barroso, Trás-os-Montes.

It is part of the Municipality of Montalegre, Vila Real District and is within the Peneda Gerês Natural Park. The distance to the city of Porto is about 140 km.

A traditional village that seems to have stopped in time, visited by inquisitive, nature lovers and tourists.

We find in this highest village of the Barroso, a construction in Stone, surrounded by several places of an immense natural beauty.

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