The weekend is here. Find out what you can see in Lisbon and Porto

Look out for the cultural tassels that you can enjoy this weekend in Lisbon and Porto.

November arrived and with it, the cultural tassels continue.

In  Lisbon and  Porto there are events to take into account, capable of pleasing to very different tastes.

Both by lands ‘alfacinhas’ as by the city Invicta there are varied exhibitions but also music, dance and shows to enjoy.

As never to be remembered, there are also monuments and museums all over that country outside that have the doors open on Sunday waiting for your visit, without the wallet has major reasons for complaint.


  • There are short films in the Metro

This Sunday, November 4, the Generator is joining Metropolitano de Lisboa for a short animation session curated by the Bang Awards – International Animation Awards. The entrance is free, with the short ones to be exhibited at Cais do Sodré station. Learn more here.

  • See with other eyes

In Lisbon, there is an exhibition that explores other senses than vision. It is called ‘See with other eyes’, it will be at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and emphasizes the work done with people with blindness or with low vision. The exhibition aims to explore different processes of interpretation of works, through other senses than the vision. The exhibition will be visible in the headquarters building of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation until November 12.

  • Indian Motorcycle for Lisbon

Motorbike lovers have a decoy at Casino Lisboa. The historic Indian Motorcycle, founded in 1901, has some very special models and some very rare that can be seen these days at the slot machines. Patent until 4 November.

  • Caricatures of the time of Salazarism

The Valbom Gallery celebrates 40 years of publication of the set of drawings grouped under the title ‘Portuguese Caricatures of the Years of Salazar’ and the 90 years of the artist with an Exhibition around this masterpiece of João Abel Manta, one of the most important artists Portuguese graphics of the last century. The exhibition is open until November 10.

  • Arena Live 2018

This is an exception because it is on Mondays that it will take place. But note: The Casino of Lisbon is offering us a series of ten concerts to hear until the end of the year at the Arena Lounge. The entrance, as you wish, is free. The Xutos and Pontapés gave the kickoff but there is still very good music to listen to. Learn everything here.

  • Academy to dance for Lisbon

This Saturday, November 3, there is Lisboa a Dançar in the corner of Rua Visconde Santarém, in front of the Dances of the World Academy. Between 5 pm and 8 pm, there is an open invitation to all those who want to dance and learn a bit more.


  • There is a parallel program at the Municipal Gallery

A talk on the free radios and a guided tour make the parallel program of the exhibitions ‘Musonautas, Visões & Avarias 1960-2010 – 5 decades of musical restlessness in Porto’ and ‘Curveball Memory’, already this Saturday, day 3, in the Gallery Municipal of Porto. The entrance is free, as you want. More details here.

  • There is music at Bom Sucesso Market

The Bom Sucesso Market has counted on musical animation for the most varied tastes. The space is in one of the noble zones of the city and invites to the tour. This Saturday, November 3, at 10 pm, there’s The Royal Band to listen to. Learn more here.

  • The Art of Mariana Barrote

The young artist Mariana Barrote presents her work in an exhibition that can be seen in Silo-Espaço Cultural, in North Shopping. ‘Enchanted Basin’ is visible until next November 11. Learn more by clicking here.

  • Dominguinhos at MAR Shopping

The MAR Shopping continues to give us Dominguinhos, Sunday mornings with animation thinking about the little one. This Sunday, with Halloween lurking, there is Recycling Workshop – Turning a CD into a top. It is free but you will need to register. Click here!

Good weekend and good cultural offerings!

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