The weekend is here. Learn what you can see for free in Lisbon and Porto

Discover the tassels you can enjoy this weekend in Greater Lisbon and Greater Porto.

The month of September presents a program very similar to that of August, marked by a lot of music and also open-air cinema.

In Lisbon, Rock in Rio will celebrate its 15th anniversary in Portugal and the party will take place in Belém. Music, of course, will be the main ingredient, but it won’t be the only one.

The open-air movie nights will continue and this time in a different place than usual. September will bring sixth of movies at the Lisbon zoo.

The Porto Book Fair begins this Friday and marks the return to the Crystal Palace Gardens. Along with reading, you can also catch up on music. And what better stage in the city of Porto than Avenida dos Aliados? A good opportunity to attend the concerts of two orchestras.

Motelx is coming and has decided to organize a warm up for the bravest and for those who don’t bother with one or the other scare. For now, don’t be alarmed by our proposals, they are all free.



Rock in Rio in Belém

Rock in Rio will celebrate 15 years in Portugal, but the gift is for you. What would it look like if they were concerts by the Symphonic_15 orchestra conducted by conductor Rui Massena (today), the British band James (day 7) and Ivete Sangalo (day 8)? If you like it, let us know that the concerts will take place this weekend next to the Belém Tower. In addition to the music, there will also be videomapping and pyrotechnic shows that will tell the story of these 15 years of Rock in Rio on Portuguese soil. Concerts start at 9:15 pm.

Warm Up Motelx

Before Motelx starts (September 10-15), there is a warm up to the ‘terror’ days ahead. This Friday there is a cine concert to see. The pianist and composer Filipe Raposo is the guest for the cine-concert entitled ‘A Piano Tuned by Fear’ which will take place at the Convent of São Pedro de Alcântara. As an initiatory ritual, Raposo will summon around his piano, ancient litanies that populate our cinematic imagination. The cine-concert is scheduled for 9:30 pm.

The Out Jazz on the final stretch

Out Jazz is already one of the hippest traditions in Lisbon. Outdoor music and good weather with friends at the end of Sunday. The recipe is foolproof and is to be taken weekly. In May, the Out Jazz took place in the Torre de Belém Garden. In June, he moved to the Campo Grande Garden, in July, it was the turn of the Estrela Garden to ‘perform at the service’. In August, Ribeira das Naus was the meeting point. Now there is a new space to consider this September: Bela Vista Park. The music is always on Sundays and starts at 17h. This weekend you can listen to FunkOffAndFly/Tiago (Musikum).

Open-air cinema … at the zoo

On Fridays of September, in addition to the usual sounds of animals, cinematic sound effects will echo in the Zoo. Do not be surprised. The Lisbon zoo will be the open-air cinema stage within Cinecidade. ‘Up-High’ will premiere these movie nights, which start at 9 pm. The event is free, but is limited to existing seats. To secure a place for yourself and your family, you should pick up your ticket at the Visitor Support Center, next to the Zoo shop, in the open area, from 9.30am to 7 pm, Monday through Wednesday at week of the session. You can find out more here.

Jazz in the square

The 9th edition of Jazz in the Square will take place this month and will be in the female. Organized by the Parish Council of Penha de França, the Jazz on the Square will take place at Paiva Couceiro Square every Friday at 19h. Today you can listen to Lena d’Água. After the concerts, the music doesn’t stop there. There are jam sessions starting at 9 pm at the PENHA SCO cooperative. You can learn the full schedule of Jazz in the square here.

There are fado in São Vicente

The St. Vincent Fados are back on the steps of the St. Vincent Church. With a mix of the most renowned fadistas and promising talents, silence that will sing the fado! Fados de São Vicente takes place this Saturday and starts at 9:30 pm.



Porto Book Fair

The Porto Book Fair kicks off this Friday and will be in the Crystal Palace Gardens until the 22nd of this month. This year’s edition honors Eduardo Lourenço and will feature debates, an exhibition, a film cycle, educational program and animation actions. And as usual, many authors will go through the Book Fair. Here’s the schedule.

Allied Concerts

Avenida dos Aliados will host two orchestra concerts. The Orchestra in Heritage is an initiative of the Casa da Música. This Friday the Baroque Orchestra returns to the emblematic avenue of Invicta and will be accompanied by conductor, violinist, and counterpart Dmitry Sinkovsky. On Saturday it is the turn of the Symphony Orchestra to focus attention. Both concerts start at 10 pm.

Intercultural Party

Porto hosts this Saturday the Festival of Interculturality. Organized by Space t, this event will take place in the square of São Ildefonso Church, in Batalha, between 14:30 and 19h. It will be an afternoon dedicated to Interculturality, where people and groups of different nationalities will present moments of music, dance, performance, crafts, and the passage of models of typical costumes from different countries. More information about the Intercultural Festival here.

Porto Belo Market

Invicta has a version of London’s famed Portobello Market. With a befitting name, beautiful Porto Market, takes place every Saturday at Carlos Alberto Square between 10 am and 7 pm.

Dominguinhos at MAR Shopping

Dominguinhos is already a classic for the young, offering different activities every Sunday. This weekend there is an architecture workshop, ‘Let’s build a house!’. Run between 11am and 12:30 pm on floor 0 of MAR Shopping.

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