The weekend is there. Find out what you can see in Lisbon and Porto

Find out what cultural tassels you can enjoy in Greater Lisbon and Greater Porto.

It seems that this October, which has been undecided as to the weather, is going to leave with cold.

Fortunately, as far as cultural tassels are concerned, there is no reason to fear indecision. There are a number of exhibitions on both landlords and Invicta. And also fairs and concerts to listen to.

As never to remind you, there are monuments and museums across the country outside doors open on Sunday waiting for your visit. Enjoy!

Let us then know what there is to discover for these days 26, 27 and 28 October, in Greater Lisbon and Greater Porto. But do not forget the hour changes on Sunday. Do not be late for any event.


Arena Live 2018

The Casino de Lisboa will offer us a series of ten concerts to hear until the end of the year at the Arena Lounge. The entrance, as you wish, is free. It is already this Sunday that everything begins and soon with the national rock history. The Xutos and Pontapés open this series of concerts. Learn everything here.

From social networks to the real world

The illustrator Clara Não made Instagram her home but for three days she will ‘lease’ space in public, where she will be able to see her work in loco, in an open studio in Príncipe Real. The initiative started on the 25th and ends this Friday, October 27th.

ART in Motion on the Silver Arm

The collective exhibition ‘Art in Motion – Art, Music & Book’ showcases works of plastic art by African and Lusophone artists, as well as fashion, literature and poetry presentations, gastronomy, music and concerts, all based on the cultural values of countries. To see until October 27 in the Factory of the Silver Arm.

Sino Saloia Fair

The Saloia das Mercês Fair, in the county of Sintra, is already many years old, has returned to October 19 and lasts until October 28. There is gastronomy, handicrafts, activities for the little ones and concerts, including performances by Maxi and Romana. Learn more by clicking here.

Beatriz Pessoa at Fnac

Fnac maintains the healthy tradition of giving us showcases, smaller short and intimate shows that are an excellent opportunity to listen to new artists. This Friday, October 26, Beatriz Pessoa works at Fnac do Cascais shopping.

See with other eyes

In Lisbon, there is an exhibition that explores other senses than vision. It is called ‘See with other eyes’, it will be at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and emphasizes the work done with people with blindness or with low vision. The exhibition aims to explore different processes of interpretation of works, through other senses than the vision. The exhibition will be visible in the headquarters building of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation until November 12.

What were the olive groves like in the ’70s?

The question about Olivais can be answered by the objective of the photographer João Alexandre Taborda, also treated by ‘Sandro’. Until October 27th, there is a free entrance at the House of Culture of the Olive groves to stare at the past and see how much has changed (and what has not changed).


‘The figures of dreams are closer to me’

Space t has received the exhibition ‘The figures of the dreams are closer to me’, by Rui Matos, taking place in Quase Galeria. The inauguration is this Friday, October 19th, at 9:30 p.m. The exhibition will be open to the public until 30 November.

 The ‘Pato de Pato’ by Miguel Araújo

First off the stage, then with The Olives, now solo. Miguel Araújo is already a reference of the current Portuguese music. Now, however, show us the other side. ‘Penas de Pato’ is the name of the book that has just been released and there is an Encounter with the author, this Sunday, October 28, at 5:00 p.m.

There is music at Gaia Shopping …

Free concerts at Fnac always bring us news and surprises. This week there is B. Hawkes showcase to listen to at Gaia’s Fnac Shopping. It is already this Saturday, October 27, at 4:00 p.m.

… and also in the Bom Sucesso Market

The Bom Sucesso Market has counted on musical animation for the most varied tastes. The space is in one of the noble zones of the city and invites to the tour. This Saturday, October 27, at 10 pm, there is Embrasa to listen to. Learn more here.

Dominguinhos at MAR Shopping

The MAR Shopping continues to give us Dominguinhos, Sunday mornings with animation thinking about the little one. This Sunday, with Halloween lurking, there is Atelier de Artes Plásticas – scary balloons. It is free but you will need to register. Click here!

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