The weekend is there. Find out what you can see in Lisbon and Porto

Get to know cultural tassels that you can enjoy these days in Lisbon and Porto.

We arrived at the last weekend of November, with Christmas just a month away. Our suggestions continue to the music. Take note of the different styles we propose that go through jazz, fado or Angolan music.

Do not miss the opportunity to go through the Photography Book Fair, which is already in its 9th edition and takes place in Lisbon. This year the national context is again in focus, with particular attention to what is done at the independent and author level.

There is also an exhibition of Al Cartio and Constance Ruth Howes to see at the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, with the curiosity of these two artists have lived in Portugal in different periods.

Pick it up from the calendar and pick out the suggestions that are most to your liking.


Photography Book Fair

The Photography Book Fair of Lisbon is an annual event that proposes to promote the editions of Fotolivro and Fotozine, as specific supports for the circulation of the photographic language, promoting the context related to photography in general, both locally and internationally. For the 9th edition, it is marked the return to the national context respecting the biennial alternation, which has characterized the event. It takes place between today and Sunday in the Municipal / Photographic Archive. You can learn more here.

Exhibition Al Cartio and Constance Ruth Howes

At first glance, the works of Al Cartio and Constance Ruth Howes seem to have little in common. Apart from the fact that both have spent some time in Portugal, little does it unite or relate stylistically and biographically. But closer observation of the works presented in this exhibition reveals surprising connections between the ways of seeing and thinking about the reality of these authors. To see in the Modern Collection of the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum until the 14th of January next year.

Theatre in the Days of Unrest

The Days of Restlessness take place by the end of the month. Not all activities are free. But this Sunday at 17:00 at the Teatro São Carlos there is a play that you can watch and that is a friend of the wallet. It portrays the end of a love, its loss and death in the poems of Joao Paulo Esteves da Silva, the nonconformity and acidic mood of Golgona Anghel, the demand for inner peace and contemplation of the silence of José Tolentino Mendonça.

Sunday Jazz on Rail

The Jazz cycle on the Rail began in October. The reaction was positive and Ferroviário maintains the bet with the objective of returning the jazz to the people. This Sunday the Quinteto Bernardo Moreira passes by there and will be ‘Between Walls’, that is to say with the music of Carlos Paredes. The concert starts at 6 pm.

Ancestor at Fnac Almada

The conimbricenses, Anaquim, present their latest record ‘The Room of Anaquim’ in a showcase not to be missed. To listen to Fnac Almada this Saturday at 17h.

Arena Live 2018

This is an exception because it is on Mondays that it will take place. But note: The Casino of Lisbon is offering a series of ten concerts to hear until the end of the year at the Arena Lounge. The entrance, as you wish, is free. On the 26th he plays C4 Pedro. Learn everything here.


The fado of Ana Pinhal

Domingo is a fado day in the Tasty District and this time he has the opportunity to hear the voice of Ana Pinhal, accompanied by Pedro Martins on Portuguese Guitar and João Moutinho Costa on Viola de Fado. The concert is scheduled for 7:00 pm and the Tasty District is next to Batalha metro station.

Tota in GaiaShopping Fnac

A cornucopia of puns, exhaustive rhymes and alliterations, this is the adventure of Tota. The musician will announce his album ‘A Grande Comichão’ in a showcase at GaiaShopping’s Fnac that takes place this Saturday at 17h.

There is music in Bom Sucesso Market …

The Bom Sucesso Market has counted on musical animation for the most varied tastes. Space is in one of the noble zones of the city and invites to the tour. The Bouncing Brothers will be giving away the audience with their 1930s jazz. Learn more here.

Good weekend and good cultural offerings!

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