Theatro Circo hosts Selma Uamusse, Adriana Calcanhotto, B Fachada and more

The program for the last two months of the year at Theatro Circo begins, on November 7, with Selma Uamusse, presenting the second album of originals, ‘Liwoningo‘, produced by the Brazilian Guilherme Kastrup.

On the 13th, the company Nobody takes to the scene ‘Delírio a Dois‘, by Ionesco, and a day later Tiago Sousa presents the new album, ‘Oh Sweet Solitude, which appears four years after ‘Um Piano nas Barricadas’.

On the 27th of next month, Theatro Circo receives the choreography ‘Drama’, by Victor Hugo Pontes, and Adriana Calcanhotto, a day later.

In December, the first show of the last month of the year belongs to B Fachada, on the 5th, followed on the 11th, by the concert ‘A Voice for Freedom’, in which Sara Miguel gathers some of the musicians with whom she most likes to play to bring to the Theatro Circo a tribute to jazz as intervention music and the singer Nina Simone.

The last concert of the year is the one that joins the project St. James Park with Cláudia Guerreiro for the show ‘Häxan‘.

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