Theatro Circo turns 105 with 23 shows on Instagram

A 360º virtual tour will be made available for those who have never seen the Theatro Circo inside and for those who want to miss them. Links to the Instagram pages of each artist can be found at “” or on the social networks of the Braga show house.

The shows take place, uninterrupted, between 1 pm and midnight. The program starts with two dance performances by the northerners Duarte Valadares (13 hours) and Mara Andrade (13.30 hours), before an afternoon full of concerts interrupted by the poetry sessions of Valter Hugo Mãe (16 hours), Adolfo Luxúria Canibal (17 hours) and António Durães (18 hours). In the afternoon, we also highlight the piano concerts by Joana Gama (16.30 hours) and Luís Figueiredo (17.30 hours).

The best known names are reserved for the night, with the pop of Lisbon’s Márcia (20.30 hours), followed by Cristina Branco (21 hours), Ana Moura (21.30 hours), Rita Redshoes (22 hours), Selma Uamusse (22.30 hours), Pedro Abrunhosa (23 hours) and Conan Osiris (23.30 hours). The birthday program closes at midnight with a show by drag queen Doll Maron.


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