There are 17 new beaches in Portugal with Blue Flag

Portugal has 17 new beaches with Blue Flag. The good news was announced on Tuesday by Catarina Gonçalves, coordinator of the program, during the Press Conference of the Blue Flag Program, which is being held at the Alcântara Water Plant in Águas do Tejo Atlântico, Ceuta Avenue, Lisbon.

It was also reported that Portugal has 352 beaches awarded this year, a number that places our country in sixth place on a list of about 50, which is, according to Catarina Gonçalves, “a great position from the tourist, economic point of view, visibility of Portugal and sustainability and environmental quality “.

Thus, the North will raise the blue flag in 75 beaches, two more than the previous year. The beach of Dr José Gama Park, in Mirandela, and the beach of São Félix da Marinha, in Vila Nova de Gaia.

The Center has 44 beaches this year with blue flag, six more than in 2018. They are Cape Mondego, Cova Galo Hospital, Murtinheira and Tamargueira, Grandfather and Arainho.

In the Tagus Region, there are 54 distinguished beaches, six more than last year. Fontes, in Abrantes, inland, Salgados, in Nazaré, Santo Amaro and Torre, in Oeiras, Praia da Rainha, in Almada, January de Baixo, in Pampilhosa da Serra.

The Alentejo Region has 35 blue flag beaches this year, three more than the previous year. They are Almografe Sul, Furnas Mar and Malhão Sul, all in Odemira.

In the Algarve this year 88 beaches were distinguished, one less than the previous year.

In the Autonomous Region of the Azores, 39 flags will be flown, three more than the previous year: Salgueiros, on Terceira Island, Almoxarife, on the island of Faial, and Vinha da Areia, in São Miguel.

Finally, in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, we have 17 beaches, three more than last year: Ribeira do Natal, Barreirinha and Calheta.

In the official page of the program, you can see where all the 352 Portuguese beaches are distinguished with the blue flag.

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